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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I wanted to ask you about the crossfit for a long time. What is really it? What are you doing? How long the trainings are? Can I do it if I am 14? Is ot really hard? Are there any crossfit competitions?

Crossfit is a type of functional exercising. Basically doing "normal" movements which you would use in everyday items, such as lifting items, pulling yourself up, lifting yourself up, lifting objects above your head etc Because i mean how often do you do bicep burls or dips or leg extensions in everyday life.... not often unless maybe you like to do bicep curls with grocery bags?

Crossfit involves strength, cardio, gymnastics, flexibility and it is aimed for everyone and that anyone of any health, weight or age can do it. Of course there are the elite and competetors within crossfit who train 4-6 hours a day and you cant compare yourself to them at all.

Crossfit is tough, i mean i am someone who has good cardiovascular health as well as being strong and somewhat flexible but some of the workouts are very tough. But they can always be adapted, i mean i couldnt do proper pull ups so i did assisted pull ups as well. And after 30 push ups (not in a row but maybe 5 or 10 in a row) i would have to do the rest on my knees etc But i think having sometype of exercise knowledge and background can be important before starting crossfit because there is a high injury risk if you dont really know what you are doing and dont listen to your body. Infact there was a girl who fainted during one of the crossfit workouts as she didnt listen to her body and take a break - and she hadnt eaten enough, but she kept pushing herself. They are high intensity and so it is important to listen to your body and if it is too tough, take a few moments to breathe.

If you enjoy intense but short workouts. Enjoy mixing cardiovascular exercises with strength training or enjoy group training and being pushed out of your comfort zone then i can recommend crossfit. HOWEVER,i think 14 is a little too young for it. Because even if you can adapt the weights to your own strength i think it might be a little too much. Most gyms have an age limit of 16 here in Sweden and i actually think that most crossfit boxes have an age limit of 18 here in Sweden, maybe 16....  But i would wait until you are atleast 16. And instead maybe work with resistance bands and body weight, that is great and you will have a great base strength :) Try doping circuits and such (if you are allowed to exercise) and that can give you an idea of HIIT and "WOD's!"

I just did a 4 week course where i did crossfit 2 times a week. I would have loved to get a membership and have looked at boxes where i am studying next year, however a membership is double or triple the amount of my gym card and i want a gym card as well so for now i'll just stick to my gym membership. But one day i will buy myself a crossfit membership as i enjoyed it alot. Its fun to have someone push me out of my comfort zone and to really challenge me as well as i enjoy the community and "group" like feeling where you cheer each other on!!

And the wods are anything from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. (But they are the most challenging 20 minutes you will do!!! After 5 minutes you dont want to keep going, at times... hahah. Some workouts are easier than others!) But it begins with warm up, technique practise and then a WOD and than afterwards you might want to practise more on some certain exercise if you still have energy :) But the crossfit athletes dont really do WOD's, they work more on specific exercises to improve on those. :)

When it comes to competitions, you need to train crossfit specifically and for quite a while as well as dedicating alot of your time towards it so its nothing i will ever consider :) Hahah ill stick to my races, but generally i dont like competing!

Also, Google Crossfit WOD's or Crossfit Games online and you will see more what crossfit is :)

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