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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas time and food everywhere

When it comes to festive seasons or special occasions  it can feel like they just revolve around food. Soo much food everywhere and lots of eating, but in reality the different holidays aren't really about the food... of course it's part of rhe holiday but these special holidays are more about spending time with family. Having a little break and in a way being thankful. Of course different holidays are celebrated for different reasons but now a days it feels like Christmas is just about the presents and the food, but it's much more than that. For me it's more about family time  and I don't care about the presents, and with the food. ... well I love food and eating  so don't mind that there is lots of food, but I could still have a good time and celebrate the season without all the food.

So basically, remember that even if there is lots of foo, that is not what the holiday is about. Try not to get overwhelmed by the food. Christmas time can be a great time to face some fear and really fight against your ED. Such as if you want a chocolate from the assorted chocolate box or if you want dessert or some extra during the lunch, then take it. Don't ask yourself if you should or shouldn't,   just allow yourself to have it. (Though if you struggle with binge eating disorder at times its easier to not have anything of certain foods that will trigger your binges but instead stick to food that you know will be ok. But it can also be a good time to challenge yourself, can you eat only 2 or 3 chocolates and not eat the whole box?)

During the holidays try to just do your best.  Follow your meal plan as best as possible, though eating times may vary as well as portion sizes.  But do your best, Christmas time can be overwhelming so you don't need to completely overwhelm yourself. But try your best to eat normally and enough. And allow yourself sweet stuff and treats if you want them. Even if there is alot of food or feels like their is food everywhere that doesn't mean you need to restrict,  you don't need to eat everything but maybe try a little of different things. Do your best to enjoy yhe meals and if yiu feel ready, decide to eat freely during these days. To allow yourself to eat whatever,  whenever. That can feel easier so it doesn't feel like you are eating "more than your meal plan" just because you take some chocolate after lunch. But if you decide to eat freely also make sure to eat eniugh and not just eat a little because you are scared of overeating.

It can help if you maybe have a plan for the day. And depending on what will be easiest for you.  .. either helping in the kitchen or staying away from the food. For me while I was sick I would stand like a hawk in the kitchen and watch the food being prepared and then I would get so much anxiety when I saw what was put into the food and made it so much harder to eat.  So then I realised (a few years later ^-^) that until I overcame fear foods such as oil,  butter, cream etc I couldn't be in the kitchen and see food being prepared as it gave me too much anxiety. But for others they might find it more calming to be able to help with the food and even if they see what goes into the food they think it's ok because they have some type of control. So whatever works for you and your family.

Try to not focus so much on the food and  instead just try to enjoy yourself. Fight against your ED as much as possible and know that these are just a few days of eating differently and that's ok. This is a good challenge for you!!! :)

Do your best and know that your body needs food. It's ok to eat chocolate.  It's ok to eat more. It's ok to take a glass of wine or some baileys. It's ok to rest and not exercise. Take one day at a time, have some coping mechanisms ready and remind yourself that you will be ok!! Christmas comes around every year and why not make this Christmas a good one and next year even better!! Small steps everyday :)

Also I will be online and on my blog during Christmas so you can comment or email me if you feel you need to talk :)

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  1. Your family has such a nice apartment! Merry Christmas Izzy