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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas spirit

Saturday and trying to feel the Christmas spirit. So far I don't feel that Christmas spirit,  doesn't matter how much Christmas music I hear or how many Christmas decorations I see. ..  Christmas just doesn't feel the same as it did when I was 5 years old!! Though I guess that's just logic, hahah. I'm not a 5 year old innocent girl, though I was 6 or 7 when i found out the truth about santa clause!!!

Today I decided to spend my day baking - cinnamon buns and saffron buns and decorate some gingerbread men. I had plans to make other things as well as g/f saffron buns for my sister but after 3 hours and eating a little too much dough and having an oven on for so long I thought it was time to end my baking session! I can bake more another day :) :)

I can also add in.... don't eat too much dough while baking. Basic knowledge I know, but still.... the dough is so good,until it starts to rise in yiur stomach and leave you bloated and feeling ill ^-^  though now it's passed and I'm heading to my boyfriends place!

Today we also bought a Christmas tree, a small one as we needed to get it into the elevator and upp 2 flights of stairs!  We have yet to decorate the tree, but I guess that will be done tomorrow or something :) have you bought a tree or decorated a plastic one? :) do you celebrate Christmas?  My boyfriend doesn't really celebrate Christmas and as he lives alone he doesn't even decorate, haha... but I guess I'll be the same way when I live on my own.  It just isn't that special when you have no one to celebrate with or if it's just you at home! Do you enjoy Christmas or are you tired of the hype regarding Christmas?  :)

I hope you have a lovely evening and I'm excited for tomorrow as I have a super tough workout planned with my sister!!! And I'll see if I can convince her to eat brunch with me ^-^ hahaha. If I make her work hard she might be more willing to go eat brunch XD

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  1. Oh the hype starts way too early for Christmas here in England - decorations and food was appearing n the shops way back in September would you believe! Who starts preparing for Christmas that early? Definitely not me. By January 1st cream eggs will be in the shops ready for Easter. I know shops have to be ready, but I think they`ve taken it a bit too far. Its like in the summer, unless you buy your new summer clothes in Spring, by the time Summer is really here and its hot and you fancy a new t shirt- forget it, the shops have their Autumn lines in.
    We put up our tree two weeks ago, not a real one, too much mess when the needles drop!
    It`ll stay up until New Years Day then it`ll come down because I`ll be bored of it by then....well its all over by then isn't it?
    As for Christmas its self - it doesn't feel like Christmas is only 5 days away, its come round so fast this year. Got a few last minute things to do like get the vegetables for the day itself and pick up the turkey from the butchers. part from that I`m all ready - presents wrapped and hidden away, food brought etc. I`ll be glad when its all over. Too much unnescessary stress and expenditure for my liking. What I would really love to do one year is go away for Christmas - just the two of us in a nice little holiday cottage in Cornwall - one day I`ll get my wish - my partner is a definite home body when it comes to the day itself. I`d like to have dinner out but he won`t hear of it, likes to cook at home. Thing is although he says he`ll do it all, it never works out that way and I end up doing most of it!
    The actual day itself is family time for us. Boxing Day is a walk along the beach and cold turkey, chips and pickles for dinner. Just generally chilling out and watching all the Christmas specials on tv.
    Then its the January sales....which start on Boxing Day.....the shops are closed for Christmas Day itself but are open after that. I remember when I was little the shops closed for several days, and of course they definitely weren't open on Sundays like they are now. So a lots changed, some for the good , some for the worse.
    Hope you had a good work out with your sister - and your baking photos looked delicious. Are saffron buns traditional at Christmas in Sweden or did you just fancy making some?