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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cake making

Hello :)

When i choose the type of cake i wanted to make i had high expectations, i wanted it to look and taste good. Though of course, with my baking skills i should have known that it wouldnt turn out to look so good, haha. But that is ok, because it was unique and it still tasted good. But also i was aware that there was a 90% chance that it would go wrong, and well it did 50% anyway, so much better ratio than expected!!

So i decided to do a rainbow cake! It looked good in pictures and i thought it would be fun to make. Though of course things like food colouring are things we definitely don't have at home, my mum hates things like that so i thought i wouldnt mention what cake i was making and she would just have to accept it once the cake was on the table, haha. I mean it is not like we eat cake everyday or eat food colouring everyday, so once or twice in a year should be fine :)

I followed THIS recipe, which was easy to follow and easy to make. Though i realised afterwards that the tins were different sizes which made the cake a little weird, and i didnt think about it until afterwards and my boyfriend didnt want to mention the fact that i put the biggest cake bit on the top and the smallest on the bottom, as i was just looking at the colours and not sizes, haha. Also i think my tins were a little bigger than what they used in the recipe so the pieces turned out super thin, but i guess that is good otherwise the cake would have been ginormous and very heavy!

It was fun to make even if it took two hours or something and like mentioned above, it did taste good :) But as i had tasted everything while baking it was hard to finish a whole slice (almost wrote cake there XD). It was a bit like "taste the rainbow" though all the slices tasted the same;)

And the decorations were just a sort of yolo. I didnt know how i wanted to decorate it so i just did whatever and the top part turned out ok the rest maybe not. Hahahahaha. I know the cake doesnt look the best, but it is homemade and it was fun to bake and eat and that is what matters i guess ;);)


  1. I think your cake looks amazing and the "homemade look" is far better than the perfect store bought look.
    Do you have a cake/cakes planned for Christmas and NewYears Eve too?

  2. That cake looks amazing! YUM! Feel like coming to NZ to bake my birthday cake? ;) I love the decorations! I'm all for some sprinkles! I go a bit mad when I have sprinkles hahaha

  3. Love the cake - rather have a homemade one over a shop brought creation any day!
    Your creative flair has done you well!