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Monday, December 21, 2015

Bloating and disproportionate weight gain in eating disorder recovery


It is part of recovery.

It does not mean you are fat.

It does not mean you starve yourself.

It does not mean you should restrict.

It should not make you feel worthless or make you feel bad just because you are bloated.

It does not mean you have to cancel plans.

Bloating happens often.

Bloating happens to everyone.

Bloating... it is part of recovery and in the beginning of recovery when you begin to eat more normally or begin to follow a meal plan, the bloating can last for several weeks or months. It is tough. It is uncomfortable. It is annoying but it is part of the recovery process and it WILL pass.

Your body has been stressed and hasn't gotten the energy or nutrients it needs. And when you begin to eat more and your digestive system tries to work normally again then you bloat.  Also eating more makes you bloat in general, but your body will adapt and the bloating won't be so bad. Bloating does not mean you are fat. Just because you are bloated does not mean you have gained weight and it definitely doesn't mean you should restrict. Infact if you keep eating the same and balanced the bloating will be less as the body adapts instead of eating the amount you need, then eating too little and then eating normally. .. this confuses your body and metabolism as well as it meaning that you are listening to your ED and restricting even when you know you shouldn't .

The best thing you can do is to accept that you are bloated, where comfortable clothes, drink enough water, eat enough food and don't over consume salt. The bloating will pass but if you "yo yo" diet i.e increase and decrease your intake all the time  it will make the process of your bod adapting alot harder.

Also, disproportionate weight gain. It happens. First. ... as you are usually very bloated it feels like you have a huge stomach and thin arms and legs but that is because your body is trying to protect its vital organs so the fat has to go there first. The body wants to keep you alive. But as you gain weight, the weight will redistribute and when you are close to your goal healthy weight, then your body will more or less have redistributed the weight and it won't feel like it is all on your stomach. But of course, some does go on your stomach that is just normal and healthy!  Everyone looks different and due to genes everyone stores fat differently on their body, for example I have more on my lower body than on my upper body and that's just how I'm built. While others are the other way around.  For example some get their boobs back during recovery and others don't.

Also the redestribution happens more when you need to gain alot of weight rather than just a few kilo, then there isn't so kuch redistribution apart from maybe in the beginning when you feel very bloated.   but that's not fat, that's water retention which will pass.

Give your body time to recover.  It doesn't happen over night or in a week. But it takes MONTHS for your body to recover and to feel somewhat normal again and to function properly.  Your body has been through alot,no matter what eating disorder you have, it has stressed your body and your body needs time to adapt and recover.  So that means feeding your body properly,  RESTING, drinking enough water and learning to love yourself. Be patient and allow your body to recover.  Gaining weight and fat might be necessary for you and then it's a good thing.  Your body needs it and it is helping you!!!

Fight the ed thoughts, it's the only way to recover!


  1. Hey Izzy, I have an important question: The past few weeks I have felt very "strange", "foreign" or "unfamiliar" (sry, I'm german, I basically mean that I feel like I don't belong to anything) in everything I do or everywhere I am, even at home or around my family... I don't know what this is and it makes me so uncomfortable and depressed, i sometimes even think about killing myself because everything feels so different to me... Do you know what I mean? What can I do?
    Keep going, I loooooooove your blog :)

    1. This sounds a lot like depression and sort of what I am feeling myself st the moment. But know that these are just feelings.... you feel like things ate strange and different, maybe not the same and you might feel lost or disassociated from things? The best thing you can do is try to talk to someone and know that why you are feeling is just feelings. Try making connections with people. .. don't distance yourself. Try to involve yourself with things or people even if you feel distant and sort of "far away" or how to put it. And try to talk about how you feel, for example if you feel that certain relationships feel different it's most probably just your own perception but you can always talk to the person. And most important, don't do anything to harm yourself and don't act upon strong emotions. Instead write out how you feel or talk to someone. Or even comment on my blog or email me.... you shouldn't feel alone. And don't isolate yourself either, that will make you feel worse and make the "strange and distant" feelings worse. They will pass I promise, but talk to someone and maybe see if you are depressed and can get he'll for that <3

    2. Thank you so much, I will try my best to overcome those feelings! I really hate them and I finally want to be happy again...

  2. Hi Izzy, I have been recovering for just over two months now and over that time period I have gained (tw) 70lbs. During this time I have responded to every hunger craving while resting as much as possible. Many people I have spoken with talk about the disproportionate weight gain and having the 'skinny arms and legs'. I havent experienced this at all. I find that my weight is just as much in my arms and legs as it is in my belly region. Is this normal in recovery too or is this maybe suggesting something else is going on? I just feel a little bit like a unicorn right now :( lol. Thank you!!

    1. That's normal as well :) everyone is different and the body behaves differently for everyone in recovery. I've talked to people who dyeing their recovery never had any extreme bloating and felt strange as most others in recovery go through that. But that was just how their body worked. So I wouldn't worry, instead it might be nicer when you don't worry about weight redistributing.