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Friday, December 4, 2015

Being recovered is not the same as being in recovery

When in recovery you can not compare your eating to other people. Really ypu should never compare your eating to anyone else, no matter when but when it comes to being in recovery you are not the same as people who don't have eating disorders.

Sometimes normal people skip meals, some normal people don't eat snacks, some normal people forget to eat for a whole day, some normal people say they haven't eaten but have absent minded actually eaten a handful of nuts and muslie bars and a cupcake. Some normal people do a 4 week no sugar challenge, some normal people eat calorie free sauces, some normal people say they aren't hungry or have already eaten (which would be true for them) when you have plans. Some normal people end up eating a proteinbar or something small for lunch or dinner when on the go. Normal people sometimes say they over ate or binged when in actuality they didn't.

Where am I going with this? Well that normal people can do things which to you would trigger your eating disorder and be an eating disorder thing. In recovery you  CAN NOT forget about eating or go a day without eating, even if normal people do this at times. You can not and should not choose the low kcal foods or calorie free foods. You should not do a 4 week no sugar, no processed food challenge while in recovery.  (These are only good if you have addictions to these types of foods). But also, if people say they haven't eaten or aren't hungry you don't know the truth.... They may eat lots in the evening or already have eaten or absent minded eaten things.  You can not compare your intake to others.

But also know, while in recovery YES YOU CAN EAT CHOCOLATE EVERYDAY IF YOU WANT TO. YES YOU CAN EAT DESSERT EVERYDAY.  But also, even if others don't eat snacks you need them. Your body needs them.

Even if you need to gain weight or not, you have an eating disorder and that means recovering mentally and challenging yourself. So if you are scared of something or a food gives you anxiety or fear, you need to keep eating that food until it is no longer a fear.

It is also important to note with exercise as well, it is recommended to exercise several times a week. BUT if you are underweight or suffering from exercise addiction then that recommendation  DOES NOT apply. You are not part of the "normal" instead you have different rules that apply and that means resting and overcoming an exercise addiction if that is what you have. Later on when you are recovered both mentally and physically you can try ti follow those guidelines but in recovery they don't apply to you.

You are not like the "normal" people when you are struggling with an eating disorder. But also some people who are normal might say or do things which can be similar to eating disorder habits, but that does not mean they have an eating disorder.

Focus on YOU. On recovery and not what others are doing or eating.  And know that yiu have your own gudelines and rules during recovery which aren't the same as other normal people! !

Please remember this as it is a very important reminder while struggling with an eating disorder.

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  1. hi izzy i really struggle with having to eat when my mum eats nothing, it really upsets me. She doesn't eat much at all and really healthily and it makes me feel greedy and jealous that she doesn't have to eat yet is forcing me to. She's also super busy and survives on next to nothing its making me scream cos i want to be exercising and thin too