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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Becoming vegan after an eating disorder - guestpost Zelda Running

Yesterday I was emailed by a reader who had written a very good reply to a comment I got yesterday.  I think guest posts are great and getting readers thoughts, advice etc

So below is the answer from Zelda running :)

Hi Izzy!

I wanted to ask you about Freelee the banana girl on you tube, and the raw vegan diet. What do you think about it? A want to be vegan for save the animals, but I am just 14, and recovered from anorexia a few months ago, and i don't have boobs yet, and i need to grow, and Im afraid i won't if I am eating veagan. What do you think about it?


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I had struggled with the same thing and I decided to answer. After some time I noticed my reply getting REALLY long. So I thought about writing a guest post.

About 4 months after being recovered I wanted to become vegan (to save the planet and the animals). Yet there are a few problems:

a) after recovering from an eating disorder, especially a restrictive eating disorder, it is not a good idea to follow a lifestyle/ diet were you restrict massive food groups. First comes meat, then eggs and dairy products, soon after that fat (I'm thinking about HCLF vegan) and next will be all cooked foods (raw vegans). If you very strictly say no to fats, well at some point fat may turn again into a fear food, and that is the eating disorder again.

b) Veganism has to be planned very well. You need to get enough iron, take Vitamine B12 supplements, eat enough calories, etc. It's not just using almond milk instead of dairy milk, or eating beans instead of meat. The meals have to be planned well. When you have an eating disorder, all you think about is food, food and food. Going vegan forces you to think more about food because you have to plan it. Try to get to a stage were food isn't an issue anymore, were food is just a normal thing.

If you go out with friends and there is food, you always have to ask if it is vegan. You can't just eat it, first you need to think about it.

c) if you are still living with your parents (what I guess as you are still 14) I don't think your whole family will want to go vegan. So that means either you cooking your own meals the person cooking having to make something extra for you. You wouldn't be eating the same as every one else and again you'll be eating separate from your family. Maybe at the same table, but not the same thing.

If I were you, I would wait a few years until you a 100% free from your eating disorder. I have decided to wait until I move out (two more years) and until then I will eat meat, dairy and eggs like everyone else. Don't underestimate how fast you can relapse. Sometimes it happens that you lose a bit of weight after going vegan. Especially now just two kilos less and you will want to lose more and more and more. As you want to save the animals, are there other changes you can make that have nothing to do with food? How about not wearing leather, or helping out at the pet shelter during the vacation. I know to want to help them, but in the end, your health comes first. If becoming vegan will cause a relapse, don't do it. And anyway, you still have the rest of your life to become vegan. Concentrate on your health and on being happy again.


  1. Thank you for the answer!
    (That was my question)
    But I saw a video on You tube, about the animal killing. And still that video I can't looknat the meat. And I am disgusted about the eggs and the milk to, but i decided. I will be pescetarian, (i will eat everything, but not meat) and when I'll be adult(18) I will be vegetarian, and later, if i can i will be totally vegan. It is my decision.

  2. Hello, I am vegan and it is 100% possible to grow and develop normally on a vegan diet, but as Izzy mentioned, you have to know what you are doing and without the knowledge, I am afraid you will not be able to do it healthily. Also, yes, considering you just recovered from anorexia, starting this new diet could really be a trigger for your ED to come back or get worse.

    Do a lot of research now though so that by the time you are 18, you will know what to do. Have a great day.

  3. Hi friends :)
    Yes, anonymous is correct... if you were not already vegan BEFORE the start of your eating disorder, then a vegan lifestyle may not be the best for you right now :), but later in the future. I was vegan for four years prior to my anorexia and the two were NOT interrelated. My whole family is vegetarian, with me being the only vegan. Eating in my family is pretty simple, but in order to gain weight I DID have to eat eggs and other high dense foods because eating vegan style to gain weight requires almost double the VOLUME of food due to the low carbohydrate, protein, & calorie content of many of the foods vegans eat (veggies & fruits are REALLY high in vitamins/minerals/macros but not in carbs & calories!). I would NOT go vegan until your stomach has finished stretching (when you starve your stomach actually shrinks, hence why the pain after a normal sized meal is so painful!). Recovery requires excess amount of protein to gain muscle mass/weight, and items like eggs are great to eat because you only have to eat 100 grams of hard-boiled egg get the same amount of protein that 200 grams of tofu contains, and eating that much while your stomach is still stretching is really intense and painful. Not to mention, anxiety provoking. The first stage of recovery is the PHYSICAL portion, then comes the MENTAL portion which consists of not being afraid to eat larger quantities & portions & "fear foods" :)
    I hope this helps clear some stuff up!!
    Peace, Love, & Happy Holidays!
    Love, Gracie <3