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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Are you focused on looking good or feeling good?

I read a post yesterday which was so well written and the meesage was such a good one that it inspired me to write this post.  You can find the post I read HERE and I recommend you read it :)
I've written posts similar to this with the same message but not phrased it like this. I promote being healthy and happy, living a life that makes you happy and doing what you feel happy though many don't think that way. Instead they are too focused on their appearance and their appearance and what they think of themselves controls their choices.

But ask yourself are you focused on looking good or feeling good?

Because far too many are focused on looking goof and disregard feeling good. When I thought about this I thought about how the choices I make, make me feel good!  Eating vegetables with cottage cheese makes me feel so good but so does eating chocolate,  so I eat both. Ordering the food I am craving at a restaurant makes me feel good, but ordering food because of calories or compensation does not make me feel good. (In the past when I did that)
Going to the gym and going for walks makes me feel good but training to have visible abs or lower fat percent does not make me feel good. Being active makes me feel happy but Somedays doing absaloutly nothing is what makes me feel good and makes me feel happy. But if I were to force myself to the gym even if I didn't want to just because I wanted to change my body, then I wouldn't feel good.
Somedays being social and meeting others is what makes me feel best  but other days a day alone or evening alone is what makes me feel best.
When I am able to truly listen to my body and know what makes me feel best and makes me feel good and make choices based on that then it makes me feel happy!
Don't waste your life making choices just to try to look different. If ordering that salad instead of the salmon and rice dish you wanted make you feel sad, or you are ordering the salad just because it is low in calories  then ask yourself what are your priortize and why choose something you don't want just because you are so focused on your appearance and weight? But if that salad is what you are craving and will make you feel good /happy, then enjoy that salad 200% !
I think it is important for people to do a self analysis of themselves and their choices at times. Do what makes them feel best and feel good (though hopefully that won't put yourself or others at risk).
Don't let your body control you. Don't waste your life making choices just because you think you don't look good or want to change your body. There is more to life than your appearance and in the end the most important thing is that you enjoy life and live life. We only have one life and it really isn't that long, so while we are alive we should make the best of it!!!


  1. Thank you so much for including a link to my post, I'm really glad you enjoyed it :) xxx

    1. I thought it was so well written and many people can learn from it :) Thank you for the lovely post!

  2. thanks hun for this it is very timely being that i was due to go to yoga earlier but i was so so tired i forced myself not to go. i go every week and it has become a bit of a habit like every sunday i have to do it and get highly anxious if i can't but now i feel awful cos i fear my weight will shoot up as I've been less active. i really struggle with this notion that i have to do the same thing every week to control my weight, it applies to everything like even doing chores or walking to the station etc. i feel like i have to do the same amount of activity or more for me to feel ok. even when my body is crying NO