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Monday, December 7, 2015

Afternoon snack

When it comes go studying it is so important to fuel yiur body and mind right. Many think that just because they are sitting down whole studying that they shouldn't eat or shouldn't eat enough, but the brain uses so much energy when studying. That tiredness you feel after studying is 1) because of all the new information and 2) your brain has worked so hard. It is important for your brain and body to get the right energy so that you can concentrate and study your best :) for me personally I can't study if I am hungry, then my stomach just takes control and til I'm satisfied I'm not so good at taking in new information, haha. So today's after study snack (only a few hours stuydy after school today) was some berries, passion fruit and dates with peanut butter! ! And my favourite True :) a super delicious snack (though that wasn't all I ate, yoghurt wuth muslie and some carrot bread as well :) )

So remember to fuel your body and mind properly :) what are you eating as a snack today? :)


  1. I love peanutbutter and salted nuts stuffed dates and coffee on the side - perfect combination.

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I have a really hard time getting myself to eat while studying and not being physically active, because I feel like I don't need much food and end up eating fruit and veggies instead of something more filling! I'm in the middle of a relapse so I'm really scared to eat more carbs and fats (I'm not underweight, though)

  3. I would definitely relate to the Anonymous above. Izzy, please, could you make a post about eating while studying and attach this to the subject of activity. Many recovering struggle with seeing studying as being lazy, when in fact it is the opposite - like you've said the brain consumes so much energy! And need LOADS of calories!
    Mary x

  4. My study snacks today-- fruit/ berries with Greek yogurt, cereal bars and chocolate :) I cannot concentrate without eating and keeping drinking water (or fruit tea).