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Sunday, December 20, 2015

4th advent workout

Hello :)

Sunday 4th advent and it's 12 degrees in Stockholm. .... crazy. I remember back in 2010, my first winter in Sweden in 10 years and it was absaloutly crazy. -20 and so much snow and it didn't help that back then I was constantly cold due to low body weight and fat percent. ... it was a horrible winter,  but now.... well I can actually wear tights again ^-^ I love it. Though feels a bit strange that it's so "warm" but the middle of December!

Anyway, today I started my day with a tough workout with my sister.  Or well, first I had to entertain myself for an hour as she was late so then it was a mix of powerwalking, stair climber and some technique practise before she arrived and then the actual workout began. I call it 10-10-10. I.e 10 exercises, 10 reps of each and 10 rounds of that! ! I knew it was going to be tough and I warned my sister but I told her to just do what she was capable of,even if that meant 2 burpees instead of 10! But she worked super hard and adjusted the reps to her capability and did 7 rounds, but as I had set the challenge and workout for myself I did all 10 reps and 10 rounds even if I wanted to lie on the floor after the 4th round ^-^ afterwards I had to just lie down for a while before I could muster the energy to get changed!!! But it was super fun and I'm glad I worked out together with my sister, it's always fun with company!!!

On the way home I also bought a chocolate box for my family.... or well, I wanted one or two pieces so thought might as well pretend I'm doing it to be kind to my family ^-^ Hahah. .. the white chocolate was mine of course :)

This evening we're having a family dinner and watching a film. But first. ... a nap as I am exhausted, luckily I can blame it on my medication which makes me tired :) but who knew I would be 2o years old and rely on naps ^-^ Hahahah ha.  Life's going to be tough when I'll be working 8-10 hours or in university from 8-5 and even more studying on top of that. ... but more reason to take naps while I can :) :)

I'm not even ashamed of napping anymore,  I mean who wouldn't want to take a little while just to sleep in the middle of the day :)  of course it may seem weird when i say I don't have time for certain things, but I am so mentally tired from my medication that even if I didn't nap I wouldn't get anything productive done anyway! !! ^-^

*change of plans had to help out with dinner so no nap ^-^ *

Below some photos my sister took while I worked out/afterwards. One sweaty mess ^-^ I don't usually post these types of photos, so hope it's ok for this post! :)


  1. Its very mild here in England too - 16 degrees at the weekend, crazy I know! Some of the Springtime flowers are out because its been so warm.
    You look as though you had a good workout, glad you enjoyed it!

  2. hun can i ask is sleep normal when ur recovering. I have had to have several cat naps, something which is so hard for me to do cos i feel i should be exercising or at least being productive and my mum I'm sure thinks I'm super lazy but I've been finding i really want to sleep in the day a lot, my eyes hurt to try and keep awake but now I'm left with the guilt of not having burnt calories and so I'm really worried ill gain loads of weight. Im also super worried bout xmas as i won't be able to exercise and will have to sit for 3 days and this is really causing me anxiety that I'm gonna gain loads

    1. Im going to try answer thyis in a post coming up, if i dont just remind me :)