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Friday, December 25, 2015

2015 look back - Jan, Feb, March

As tradition i like to look back on my year through photos taken. Though ive lost alot of photos this year due to mobiles breaking and memory cards making pictures disappear and also not transferring pictures to my memory card before deleting them. Ohhh well....

I like looking back on the year because generally speaking i only take pictures during good times and good memories. But also the pictures make me remember things that i might have forgotten about otherwise. I am going to focus on the positives in these 4 look back posts.Try to avoid all the negativity and negative thoughts of this year, because unfortunatly there has been alot of that, but there has also been alot of positivity and good things and i want to focus on that!! Because in the future if i look back on my lookback posts i will remember all the postives!!

I enjoy these posts anyway and thats why i am posting them, a positive way to end my year with a lookback. And i suggest you do the same... look back on photos or think about your year. What has been good? What things can you focus on changing to make the new year a better one? What goals do you have for the next year? What things have you learnt this year (I think i am going to make one of these posts... about what i have learnt this year :)) What things have you grown from or what experiences do you want to have in the next year? All good questions to think about :)

So... below my January, February and March 2015!


Started my year with a 15km run while everyone was still asleep!

(Post run breakfast)

Outside workouts and out dancing with friends!

Lots and lots of study... also went on my first date with (my now boyfriend XD) Also became so sick that i lost my voice and couldnt go on our planned second date as i had no voice XD

Walks and runs in the snow

 Getting creative with meals!

Long days at school with alot of studying

Went on more dates with my (now boyfriend).

Lots of time at the gym and saw "Progress"

Selfies in the snow of course!!


Weekend breakfasts after long runs

When im supposed to be studying but taking selfies instead! Many hours were spent in the school library getting work done during my breaks.

 My 3 all time favourites, questbars, nuts and chocolate!

Spent my first night at my boyfriends place and of course i went for an adventure run to explore where he lived and we also made pancakes when i got back from my run!!

Coffee and essay writing at my boyfriends place

Going for winter walks together
The tiredness and stress began to hit me hard and the energy drink consumption only got higher from this point on. I was surviving on caffeine to just keep me going and all the time feeling worse :(

One of my snacks

Had a baking session and made lots of yummy treats

One of my snacks - presumably after a hard school day when i needed something extra to boost my day!
In February i also celebrated Valentines with my boyfriend and we went for a 3 course meal at a very fancy restaurant as well going bowling and i think we drove around in the dark for a while as well as i had mentioned that i like just sitting in the car! Just enjoyed the moment so no pictures, and that is how it should be. Memories which you have which you cherish but dont need any picture evidence, but you remember them anyway!


Made pizza with my boyfriend

Followed with to an "Afterwork!" with my boyfriend and his work collegues. I definitely felt out of place but could enjoy my self somewhat.

Of course i had to wear this shirt during St Patricks day!!

Brunch with my boyfriend (i think it was with him, hahah)

Made dinner for me and my boyfriend at my place.... and of course i cant cook for just two people. I have to cook for 4 people minimum, even when i make food just for myself :)

School work continued to pile up and so did the stress and the tiredness.

This was the first 3 months of this year. New things and change happening as i met my boyfriend and routines had to change and learn how it was to be in a relationship. Learn to not just keep to myself. Also learn how to balance all my school work but also have time for other things. The snow was beginning to melt and it was beginning to get brighter but my days got longer and more stressful but  i had alot of lovely moments such as making smores and burgers with my boyfriend. Or playing video games and eating ben and jerrys on Saturday evenings or spending the whole day watching movies with my boyfriend, and also having lots of fun moment with my friends. We were all so tightly wound from the stress that at times we would just stand and laugh at the weird things because we were all so tired. But also being able to joke more with teachers and having some enjoyable moments in classes!!!


  1. Izzy!
    I wanted to ask about running. I am a runner at a running club, and I am a medium runner. I am running 10 K in an hour, and I am just 14. I started the athletics about one and a half year ago. I really like to run sometimes, bit other times I just hate it. I want to give it up. But I know, I
    cant do that, because it is just an actual mental stage and feeling, and it wont last forever, but it is hard sometimes. I need only one bad run,and i just want to give that up. Could you tell me how to improve my endurance?
    And I just feel sometimes I am suffering while I am running. I hate it. But after i finished my run, I feel it was super-duper.(because of the endorphines) And i forget every suffer, and I feel I like it. Is it normal?
    And could you write a short workout plan, what i can do at home? (A few rounds, more likeli strengh training)
    I really hope you will have the best year ever!:)
    I hope you answer me:)
    A reader

  2. Aah this post kind of makes me sad... Don't get me wrong - I love the post, but looking how far you've come in your life after this stupid illness, I'm just so fucking proud of you and I'm sad that my life wasn't as good as I expected it to be... I want it to be different next year, but I don't know if I'll be able to actually recover... I want to be happy again!