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Saturday, November 7, 2015

You can change your body all you want but until you change your thoughts you won't be happy

If all your focus is on changing your body, will you ever stop and be happy with the way you look?

2kg  becomes 5kg becomes 10kg becomes 20kg.
Wanting leaner thighs leads to wanting a flat belly leads to wanting to be skin and bones.
Wanting a six pack leads to wanting an unhealthy fat percent.

Even when you reach your "goal" will you be happy? That goal will just change to something else.... suddenly there is a new ideal, a new way to look. Or someone else who is more extreme or has something which you dont have which you want as well. If you're focus is always on change your don't accept your body for how it is, but also you may not listen to your body or let your body be where it is healthy. Your focus is not health or happiness, but change... because you think change will bring happiness when infact maybe allowing your body to be healthy and accepting your body will bring the happiness? Because you dont need to change your body, you need to change your thoughts about your body.

You think your stomach rolls and your cellulite are the problem. You think your thighs and your arms and your hips are the problem when in fact its the way you think about your body, it is the way you view your body that is the problem.

Think like this.... if your body was your friends body or someone elses body, would you hate it as much? Would you stand infront of your friend and say all the things you think about your own body to them? Would you critisize them, tell them they cant eat or they need to purge or need to do hours of exercise to change their body because they arent good enough? Because they arent skinny enough or "lean" enough? If you would say those things to a friend i dont know what type of friend you are.... But then ask yourself, why would you say those things to yourself if you wouldn't say them to a friend?

Stop focusing all your energy on changing your body thinking that that will lead to happiness, because i can say from experience it wont. Wanting to be skinny and have the lowest weight possible didn't make me happy. Having visible abs and a low fat percent didnt make me happy. But accepting my body, allowing my body to be healthy and my mind to be healthy and taking care of my body is what made me happy. That is what made me accept and love my body. When i didnt care about the stretch marks or cellulite, when i didnt care about the bloating or the stomach rolls. When i didnt care about non visible abs or looking "super lean". But when my goal was happiness and health and loving my body for how it looks, that is what brought happiness and body acceptance & body love.

Of course it can be noted that exercise does change your body and it is ok to want to improve something want to to get better at something or maybe feel/look stronger. But if you think that changing your body will make you happy that is not necessarily true and you will get so caught up in change that you won't even notice when you reach that "first goal" because your mind is already focused on what else you can improve to make you finally feel happy.


  1. this is so true. my ed started off from a diet - which went too far. I dieted until I reached my goal weight but wasn't happy so lost a bit more. then when I reached that weight I thought why not go a bit lower - and so it went on until I was way underweight with and with an eating disorder.............
    looking back I can see how stupid I have been. but it is and indeed was so easy to fall into that cycle of dieting, rescrition and weightloss - and never being happy. I wish I could turn the clock back and not have gone that far. it hasn't made me happy, only very ill. and what happiness can be gained from sticking out bones, falling hair and horrible skin?? its a trap I am going to fight never to fall into again.

    1. beautifully said. good luck, and every blessing.

  2. have you turned vegetarian or vegan? from your IG you are eating less meat and dairy? have you noticed any difference in your body when you eat more potatoes and vegetbles and fruit instead of meat and dairy?