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Monday, November 16, 2015

Yesterdays work day

Good morning!

Rise and shine because it is a new week.... or for some of you, it might still be Sunday evening or it might be Monday evening or any other day of the week when you read this :) But for me it is Monday morning. I can't say that i am excited for school but who is on a Monday morning? A 3 day weekend would be a good thing to become reality XD

So yesterday i worked at the new mall/shopping centre which opened on Thursday. Apparently on the evening it opened there were 20 000 people who wanted to go in and were waiting to get in. I have no idea why people would queue or be so crazy to get into the mall... i mean it will still be there in 2 weeks time, but then there will be less people so that you can actually walk and not just walk 2 meters before having to stop. So there was a crazy amount of people in the gallery, and after i had finished work i bought myself a fro yo before wandering around the mall. Though it didnt take me long to get irritated by people and all the queues everywhere, because even if i did find something i wanted to try i would have had to wait for the changing room for a long time and then wait to pay for the item for an even longer time.  Also i wanted to buy donuts from Dunkin Donuts... just because i havent eaten donuts since 2008 or 2009. But also because i want to try things like that but the queue was insane so i thought, i'll go back to the mall in a few weeks time... or next year, because i dont want to get caught in the christmas shopping rush either!

How was work? It was good, though i missed my train because it arrived and left one minute earlier than planned  so then i thought, "Great, arriving late, thats always a good impression"  But the guy who was going to meet me there didnt even arrive until much later so it didnt matter, haha. I then stood from 11 until 4pm by  health food store and let people try the drinks True Transparency. So many mixed people and having to stand and smile for 5 hours got tiring by the end and my cheeks began to hurt. Also having to repeat the same thing over and over.... I also got an evil glare from a girl when i realised that i had most probably smiled and looked at her boyfriend but in all honestly i smiled and looked at everyone as that is a way to draw people towards you. But after that i made sure to try to not smile or stare at other girls boyfriends', hahaha.

Working wasnät so bad and the time passed relativly quickly though the last hour i glanced at the clock a little too often.

When i was finally on my way home, public transport was packed with people so i didnt get to lie down until 8pm and i can say, my legs felt heavy and tired. I guess if someone is used to standing and working like that (from 10 until 8 in my case) then they might get used to it, but for me.... with studying and alot of computer work, its alot of sitting and so once i lay down it was like i never wanted to get up again!!! XD

Also, before leaving i saw the Lindt shop..... and of course i had to buy something there! So a bag of mixed chocolates and i ate one of each flavour and gave the rest to my family, who were very happy about that!!


  1. You are such a beautiful soul!

    Keep writing, I always read your blog!


  2. I'm glad you had a nice day :)

    That's what I dislike about this time of year -- it's so busy, everyone is in such a rush and shopping malls/ stores are just packed (especially at a weekend!).

    Love the photo of the colourful fountain X

    1. Exactly. People are crazy, hahah. Online shopping for the win! !