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Monday, November 9, 2015

White chocolate and oreo chocolate cake

I think i forget to mention but on Saturday it was the "chocolate cake" day. I am still not sure if it is an international thing... i dont think it is though. But here in Sweden it was "Kladdkakans dag" and that is a good a reason as any to make and eat chocolate cake.

So while i was prepping some lunch boxes before the library opened i also made a chocolate cake using THIS recipe and i added white chocolate, salted almonds chocolate and oreos. It turned out soooo good! I made it for family but of course i had to try a bit (and then eat what was left yesterday when i got back from studying :))

All i can say is delicious.... and  I am still wondering what type of cake(s) to make for my birthday.... not even sure if i have time to make cakes :( But i love baking extravagant and over the top cakes and when is a better time than your own birthday. But there are so many cake inspirations so i dont know which to do, but also some require alot of work, haha.

Below are some ideas/inspirations i have found:

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