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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

What inspires me?

I got asked about what inspires me and i thought i would answer in a post. :)

What inspires me? Happy people. People who are positive and spread positivity. People who can smile and keep going even during tough times. People who can make the best of any situation and people who can be kind to others. People who compliment and motivate rather than compare or try to bring down. Those types of people inspire me. Like they say, happiness is the goal, and those who are truly happy and look happy  are a motivation and inspiration.

Also peple who reach goals which i have are an inspiration and motivation. Just because another person has reached a goal i want to reach doesnt mean i have to feel bad about myself, instead i let those people inspire me and i am proud of those people reaching that goals. Also people who do things such as Iron Man or run 10km in 25 minutes or those in crossfit who are at top level are an inspiration to me. Those 3 things arent goals of mine, i dont plan to do an iron man and i dont plan to run 10km in 25 minutes or to compete in crossfit but they are inspiring anyway.

These are just somethings that inspire me! And with motivation, well that comes from the inside and from having a goal i want to or need to reach. Motivation is something i create but of course inspiration can help with motivation :)

What inspires YOU? What motivates YOU?


  1. What I find inspiring are those remarkable individuals who, seem to endure so much and yet they keep upbeat no matter what. People who no one would think of as anything other than 'ordinary' doing something 'extraordinary' and it never fails to amaze.

    You are an inspiration Izzy! :) X

  2. Hi!

    It was a great post:D

    I wanted to say that the 'What i ate today?' or 'My meals' posts are not triggering me personally. Honestly I really miss them! They were great inspiration for me to the recovery! They were inspiration for eating, and those posts gave me meal inspirations, and taste combos. I think you don't need to worry about what are the others thinking! You are obviously not anorexic! So calmly do that type of posts if you want!:) I am really waiting for that:)

    I think your mental stage will be better:) I support to succeed:)

    I would be really interested in a post about your childhood! What did you do (sport, playing in an instrument, etc.)


  3. Hey Izzy,
    I wanted to recommend you a book I'm currently reading: "The Work" by Byron Katie. This wonderful book teaches you a method how you can kind of control your thoughts and see positive things in literally everything! You can also google that technique and learn more about it :) But I really really do suggest you to try it! It's from a women who once had severe depression and now seems to be the happiest human being on earth!
    Btw I love your blog ❤️

  4. Do you ever answer comments? You never answer mine :(

  5. Thank you for answering my question about your inspiration <3
    I find inspirtion in confident people who fight for their goals even if it would be hard. And that is what I have seen in you, that fighting spirit. You have helped me massively during my recovery from anorexia. Don´t let that spirit and sparkle go!
    Have a great weekend. Hugs! <3

  6. in response to the question: in the end, faith

    people too, but if it weren't for faith i don't think people would be enough to motivate / inspire me