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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

What i want/am dreaming of at the moment

Getting dressed up fancy, wearing high heels and sitting at a bar with friends/my sister and drinking fancy drinks. (I am not a fan of alcohol and 99%  of the time i dont drink, but its just the fancy drinks and feeling super dressed up which i want, not necessarily the alcohol!)

Super fancy brunch... with fresh fruit, scones, waffles, eggs/egg whites, lots of coffee, bagels, salmon, bread etc etc

Going to eat lunch at a raw food or vegan restaurant.... Nom nom nom.

Spending a week at a cottage somewhere. Going for runs, walks, lots of photos, sitting and watching series, writing, reading, relaxing..... i just want to get away (and not have to study either!)

Saffron buns and gingerbread men... its ok to start baking those in November right? XD

Travelling somewhere warm for a while.

Spending a weekend at a hotel. I like hotels, as long as they have a  good breakfast I am happy!!

Going for a massage... the stress of school is making my body ache lots and old pains are flaring up :/

Going for walks in the sun - looking back at pictures from my walks in summer is making me miss summer like crazy.

Going to a farmers marker wuth lots of fresh and exotic fruit and being able to buy as much as I want !

Going to a dessert buffet!!

Eating fro yo with lots of toppings and going to one of those huge fro yo places in the u.s and being able to eat as much fro yo as I want!!

Lying on the beach with a good book and lots of sunshine!

Do you have any dreams/goals at the moment :) Or something you want a little extra!


  1. Such lovely dreams and many of those are totally doable, right? Why not just go out this friday and order that fancy drink? Or go out for brunch or lunch this weekend?
    My hopes are:
    Being able to concentrate more when i study. And get some projects done.
    Enjoy baking again and also enjoying eating the baked goods again and not to be scared or anxious.
    Meeting someone really nice who would share my interests.

    That´s all I could think of this morning.
    Have a lovely day!

    1. Yes some of these definitely are, i just need to find the time for them :) I think i am going for brunch for my birthday, so that is excisting!! And maybe i can get a few friends together and go out for drinks to celebrate my birthday as well :)

      Ohh those are lovely goals/hopes :) Keep trying to reach them and know that one day you will think back and be proud that you reached those goals :)

    2. Birthday brunch sounds so lovely <3 I hope you find some really good place to go and of course some drinks later ;D You´ll be like Carrie from Sex and the City with a cosmopolitan drink

  2. 1. Sunshine
    2. Green smoothies
    3. Movies
    4. A Massage
    5. Feet without blisters

    1. Yes!!! Best hopes/dreams :) And having blisters doesnt sound nice, i hope they go away soon :)

  3. My hopes are..

    * Being able to feel positive and have good days more often -- as a lot of negativity has been dominating these past few weeks. It's exhausting and I would love to feel happier again.

    * Horses! I miss them :)

    * Going out for the Christmas meal with Uni buddies! It would be my greatest challenge and yet I am keen to stop isolating myself when things get tough. Plus I am missing friends and it's the time of year to be around those you care about.

    :) X

    1. Its tough with negativity and when that negativity controls you, but keep pushing past the negativity, trying to find things that make you happy or can add sometype of joy/happiness to your life :) And with the christmas meal... it might seem tough and the anxiety beforehand is never nice, but you can do it! Dont let that voice control you, know that if you can overcome one obstacle and fear you can overcome others and YOU become stronger. Choose life, not your illness :)

  4. be able to wear short sleeve t-shirts next summer without having to worry and cover up my arms (very skinny and so veiny they look like road maps) be able to wear shorts or a skirt again without having to worry or cover up my legs (for the same reasons)

    aahh hopes and dreams. this time I`m hoping they're do able!

    1. These are definitely doable. Even if you feel insecure you can still wear shorts and t shirts. People might stare, but this is your body at the moment and all you can do is try to gain the weight you need to. Keep trying to reach your goals :)

  5. to go to new york or australia, to be free of ed, to feel happy for just 1 day, to be weight restored and free of this pain x

    1. Thse are doable and great goals. It might be tough now, but if you keep fighting it wont be this way forever. You can be free of your ED and the pain and be happy. It takes time and hard work, but it is worth it. So you need to keep fighting, even the days and moments you dont want to, because its those times when you keep going that make you stronger.