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Thursday, November 26, 2015

What i love about Christmas time

I know that special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, Birthdays etc can be stressful times when you have an eating disorder, or any other mental illness. It can be draining and tiring with all the people and everyone walking around looking so happy and you arent feeling happy yourself. And if you are struggling with an eating disorder you might just focus on the food, how much food there will be, how much anxiety and guilt will be involved, if you can compensate, how you can eat little etc etc All the focus is on food for all of these special occasions when there is so much more than food. Of course eating is a part of it, i mean there is usually the Christmas lunch/Dinner, lots of chocolates, cakes, drinks, candy and so much food everywhere and all the limited edition Christmas items. But you need to take the triggers away from food, not care about the food around you and know that you need to eat, but you dont need to eat everything either. Anyway, this post was supposed to move away from food and i am going to write some of my favourite things about Christmas time, and you can add YOUR favourites in the comments below :)

Spending time with family.I actually do very little of this, so when its special occasions i like it :)

Dressing up even if i wear heels around the house, it is still fun to do.

All the christmas baking (ok, this is food involved, but i cant avoid this because i love it!)
And might as well mention all the limited edition christmas foods because those are awesome as well!

Christmas break from school - though not everyone has this, but for now i do!

I love going for a morning run or walk on Christmas morning, when i have this peace and time for myself.

Giving the presents i bought to my family. I love knowing i have gotten that person a gift or something they wanted, and then i see how their face lights up :)

I dont like decorating the house, but once it is decorated it is pretty!

Christmas tree!

Christmas markets in town.

The smell of burnt almonds (or sugared almonds is what they are XD) in town.

Wrapping up in lots of layers and running around in the snow/going for long walks in the snow.

Baileys ;);) If there is one alcohol type i like, it is Baileys.

I like the cozynesss of Christmas and there is this sort of cozy vibe. Though in malls and the city the vibe is just stress XD

Below are photos from Christmas last year


  1. I love to give Christmas presents :)

    The air, the snow, walking my dog :)


    1. :):) Most people love just receving gifts, but i am glad that i am not alone with enjoying giving gifts!

  2. For me the best time is after the Christmas dinner has been eaten - when the stress of all the preparation is done and everything is cleared away - then its time to relax in front the telly with a good film and the usual tin of quality street or roses. That's our typical Christmas day afternoon, then its cold turkey sandwiches and savoury nibbles for supper (if theres any room after Christmas dinner!). Boxing Day is more energetic - a long walk along the beach before coming home to a tea of cold turkey, chips and pickles.

    1. That part of Christmas is definitely amazing, there is so much hype around the christmas dinner and the present giving, but that can just become stressful. Its the peaceful times when you are just with family or just enjoying yorself in the moment which are the best :) Which goes for life in general! I hope you enjoy your Christmas and can enjoy those moments!