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Friday, November 27, 2015

Weight fluctutations

So how do we deal with [weight fluctuations]? First, accept that your body is supposed to fluctuate a bit, across the day and across months. Make sure to have clothes that fit you comfortably during your lower and higher weight days, and try to avoid getting too caught up in being a certain clothing size. I’ve developed the strategy of having 80% of my clothes fit me at my “average” weight, with 10% a size up and 10% a size down. This way I’m covered across my whole size spectrum!
— Dear KJ: My Weight Fluctuates – Help!

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  1. Yep. I'm actually surprised by the mildness of the fluctuation in these pictures - I might have a three kilogram difference between morning and afternoon weight, let alone what it can be compared to evenings. Same applies to daily differences. Any shift in diet or exercise might shake the number with a vast marginal.
    Come on, a human should weigh more when there's something put inside you. Something's terribly wrong if one doesn't.

    1. Yes exactly, my weight can fluctuate from 2-4kg in a day just frmo food and water and on the days where i am just super bloated i can weigh 2-3kg more than my normal weight just from the water retention. But many people dont realise this and they think they have gained weight when it is basically food and water weight and maybe water retention which is what happens when you eat and live!!

  2. Is this actually your weight? :o