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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday update

Good morning :)

I know recently there havent been so many personal posts... or it doesnt feel like there have been many anyway. And it isnt always because i am feeling low, but it is also because i dont have so much to write about. My days are boring when i go to school and study and they are boring when i dont study or go to school. So to avoid the repetitiveness of daily life and routine i dont write so much at all.

Though i do have some exciting things to look forward to such as going to see the James Bond film on Friday and Sunday i think i am working. I also begin crossfit lessons next week as well as having my first test (think im going to see if i can do something nice after that day as i dont think i will need to Study on Wednesday but also that it is my first test and maths test since May, so.... the nerves are real!). Also i think i am going to eat at Jamie Olivers here in Stockholm with my boyfriend and his friend and also hopefully working during the Fitnessfestival here in Sweden in 3 weeks time. And then i guess i have my birthday to look forward to as well at the end of the month, and then it is just 25 days until Christmas and 31 days until a new year!

So i have a bunch of things to look forward to which is always a motivation. Might also set up some goals for myself for December... this month i actually don't have any goals for myself. The only real goal is to get as much studying done without burning out or stressing myself out completely and also to do the best i can in the maths test. Those two seem like pretty good goals to me :) But i think i might add in some other goals to get me on the right track such as... taking better care of my skin and hair, keeping my room clean and trying to actally cook or bake something a few times a week and not just resort to microwaving quorn or vegetables or putting root fruits in the oven. But actually getting back into being creative and cooking again as that is something which  i do enjoy, just havent had the spark for it.

So i just wanted to write a little update and say that even if i dont write a personal update doesnt mean it is a bad day, sometimes that is the case. But mostly it is because i have nothing too write or am busy studying and so blogging isn't the first on my mind.

But do leave comments about what you want to read about or suggestions so that i can have that in theback of my mind when blogging :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday and make this day a good one.


  1. Where are you working on Sunday?

    1. Working for true transparency at a mall :)

  2. I'd be interested in another post about _timing_ of eating before exercise. But truly it isn't important, so please don't worry or feel under pressure about it.
    I'm glad you have some things to look forward to, and that not all days are bad days! :)

  3. I hope you have a lovely day Izzy! :)

    I have a Question regarding eating again, after a short break of not eating, to then back eating regularly/ correct portion sizes.

    I am finding myself feeling very tired after meals and snacks, which when I am studying is.. difficult.

    Any tips on being able to keep eating, increasing food slowly (as aiming for 'healthy weight' always) and being able to not fall asleep in-between?

    Thank you Izzy X

  4. Thats great you have things planned honey, always good to have things to look forward to when u don't feel so great. I just wondered if you have any thoughts on something I'm struggling with, I'm not getting much help at the moment I'm told there are no funds to pay for help unless i go private which i can't afford. my therapy is due to end soon but they only told me this yesterday apparently i only had x sessions i have barely got started as it takes me a great while to trust someone and i still don't trust him but now i feel like I'm being dropped again. This is why i can't let go cos its not safe. I'm also battling with the fact that I'm told to put the weight on slowly yet I'm then criticised for going too slow. it feels like i can't win and I'm always told not to up my diet yet if it only goes up a bit in weight I'm told Its my fault. i just feel like I'm having this constant fight we people who are supposed to help me. its madness. i feel so alone and feel that soon i will be completely and then ill have to do everything myself and I'm scared cos i just started talking bout some really heavy stuff so that obviously won't get tackled now and ill never be free.

  5. I have commented many times before, and I say this with love, but - dude, WHEN are you going to put up a post about seeing someone for your depression? ;). I know it's hard and you're feeling very reluctant, but you've been feeling more than a little blue for MONTHS now, and you simply deserve better than this. I think its safe to say its not just going to pass on its own (although that does happen sometimes, who knows how long that could take or if it will ever happen at all). I love your blog, I love your message, and I just plain want you to get your spark back. You could blog about the process, even. Getting started, the trials and triumphs of it - if nothing else it could help others to take the same step for themselves. And it just might be what gets you back on track. I know you like to keep your blog a positive space, and I worry that if, even despite your effort to stay upbeat here, it is CLEAR that things have changed and you're not feeling good, that you might actually be feeling much worse than we know. Again, I say all this out of a place of love and concern, not to get on your back or bring you down! You have a readership that really cares and wants the best for you - the same as you want for them. Its time to treat yourself as you would a dear friend, and take some action. And I know "taking action" is just about THE hardest thing to do when one is depressed, but before you know it months or even years slip by and its not time you can get back. Much love :)

    1. I agree with the anon. above. I hesitate to badger you because I don't want to make it any harder for you to find a therapist, but I can't see how _anything_ at all can/should be more important than fixing an imminent appointment and getting started. It's not all going to be an immediate fix even when you start, as you know, so all the more reason to start. But I don't want to make it any harder for you if I write this kind of thing. As the anon above says -- we love you, and you deserve what you would give to anyone else. I don't want to pressure you if pressure just makes it worse...

  6. Your birthday is soon, could I send you something for your birthday? You have helped me so much so I would love to show my appreciation ? Don't know if you find that weird though ?