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Friday, November 13, 2015

Unlucky Friday 13th

Friday 13th today.

I wouldnt say I am superstitious or care about these type of days, but today has not been a lucky day anyway, haha. Not that anything has gone terribly wrong but its not been an amazing day either -_-

First off i think i have stretched a muscle in my back and i am guessing it is from the fact that my bag is always super heavy as i carry my laptop with me and then usually have gym stuff in it and now crrying around maths books and things. And so my heavy bag has just hung on one shoulder and then ive compensated or done something weird with my back muscle. So no deadlifts for me like i had planned and looked forward to.... if its not one body pain its the other. Going from lower back pain to knee pain to hip pain to neck and shoulder pain etc

Also i was going to colour my hair today (just blonde, so not anything crazy yet!) but that did not turn out good at all, hahaha... my hair is still drying at the moment so i am a little worried to see how it actually looks. :( Though its winter so i guess i have a valid reason to havea  hat on me all the time... and indoors XD

And then there is the maths studying... and the motivation is gone, long gone. My current mood is, Ill wing it during my maths test. Not a good idea, but my mind just doesnt want to study. Even if i have no distractions i still dont want to do the maths, i feel like i know it.... but at the same time i know that i know very little.

Ohh well, this weekend i will barely have a chance to study which is stressing me alot at the moment. Also the fact that my friends are going to meet up during the weekend and also go see the new Hunger Games move on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning and i cant meet them during the weekend or go to the movies with them, so that is sort of upsetting. Because meeting friends does help me, but actually getting everyone together is so hard as everyone has different schedules and such, so it sucks when i have to miss out when we do have a group get together :( But i hope i can try to fix so that me and my friends can go out for my birthday or go for dinner or something.

For now I am going to try to schedule some posts as this weekend i wont have so much time infront of the computer so i'm going to try get it done now :)

I hope you have a lovely evening and lovely Friday :)

Throw back to a happy picture/time :)


  1. Oh Izzy! I hope it gets better :) Lots of love and have a good weekend I hope. Thank you for your posts and your pictures. X

  2. I am so sorry to hear that today wasn't a particularly productive/ positive day. I am sure things will get better! I love that photo of you :D

    Take care, X

  3. Hope that back muscle feels better asap!! I didn’t realize you dyed your hair! I love the color of it, you should go for something adventurous next time!!

  4. I think it's a sign that you should try a different, fresh hair color ;) Hope your weekend improves.

    1. Haha most probably. But I love blonde and so it's so hard to go back to it when you have dyed your hair a darker colour.