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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Time management

Time management is an important part of life and making things fit together. If you dont have good planning or time management you often feel more stressed than necessary but also you might not get as much done as you could have.

I was asked about time management while in recovery and going to treatment and visiting doctors but also dealing with school work.  And I can say that your health comes first, always. You can always talk to your teacher/proffessor and tell them your situation. If they can't do anything about deadlines or such, well then atleast they are aware of your situation and they are human so they might have that in the back of their head when looking at your assignments or tests.

When it comes to time management it is all about planning and organization. First off, know what you have in the week... what appointments do you have? What hours are you in school or work? Where do you have free time? And then ask yourself, what is most important this week.... if you have 5 assignments due but only 2 due this week and 3 due next week. Then focus primarily on the 2 due this week rather than trying to do all 5 at once because that never turns out good. Also try to make yourself study a little everyday, i am sure there is time somewhere even if its just answering one question while sitting in the waiting room of hospital or reading a few lines while on the bus. You might have to go back and edit the question or reread those sentenaces, but atleast you have started. What i used to do was start roughly writing essays or answers for homework on my phone with Google Docs and just write down ideas or sentences i came up with and so when i then had time to sit down with my computer i had atleast started or i would have a mind map to look at. So if you have a very busy day where you dont have time to sit and do your homework or assignments or study, then you might be able to fit in 5 minutes here and there throughout the day. It might sound silly but those 5 minutes can help you memorize something or answer one question.

You can also think about what you can do to make it easier? Bring with you your books or have documents and information on your phone/online which you can always access or make flashcards which you can look at.

And during the weekends then try to make more time for studying if you dont get so much done during the week. But also make time for friends, "you time/relax time" and if you have a hobby.  You need to do things you enjoy and meet people you like as that makes life alot better! So even if it sounds silly, plan those things into your weekly schedule. With friends it might be hard to plan something as sometimes its just spontaneous and you need to rearrange everything in your plan. For example if your plan was to study all Saturday and then your friends want to go to the cinema and out to eat lunch, well then you need to consider... what is most important right now? For your mental health and happiness maybe  meeting friends is most important and then you can do more work on Sunday, or maybe you feel that if you go out to meet friends you will just feel anxious and guilty and stressed because you arent studying and know you have lots to do, well then maybe you need to decline this time and do all your work and know that next time you can maybe join your friends.

So like the above example, life changes and you can't always follow your plan. So its not good to make a plan like on the weekend you will do all your work and you won't do anything during the weekdays because then maybe something happens and you dont have time during the weekend at all, and then you realise you have lots to do and no time to do it. But also following your plan 100% all the time might mean that you dont get to do other stuff because you feel guilty because you didnt follow the plan.

Also when it comes to exercise - if that is your hobby - and you are in a very busy and stressful time. Then you might need to decrease the amount you do, just for that period of time. Maybe just doing a 20 minute run instead of an hour, or doing a circuit at home instead of going to the gym and spending 90 minutes and then home again. You need to think about time wise and what do you have time for? If you dont have time for exercise, dont try to squeeze it in. There are other things in life and i am sure there will be a less busy and stressful time when you can get back into it again, but sometimes exercise needs to be decreased as there are other things in your life.

So my best tip 1) Health comes first. School work can be resolved.
2) Plan and organize your day and week. Know when you have time for what and try to follow that plan but it doesnt have to be 100%
3) Dont forget to also get some free time and time with friends and time for hobbies.
4) write to do lists for the day/week
5) Think about what is most important when it comes to studying, dont begin with an assignment due in 2 weeks if you have an assignment in 5 days time as well
6) Do a little studying everyday and sometimes 5 minutes here and there makes a difference.


  1. My biggest piece of advice is use time between classes! Instead of using that 10 minutes you have waiting for class to start browsing social media, look over notes! That has helped my grades immensely

    1. I did that in school as well. My breaks were used to study and work on assignments which is why I then had more free time to other things. I used my time wisely!

  2. Aaah thank you so much for this post, I will definetely use those tips! I hope I can manage to get some freetime because atm I have to "combine" eating and freetime (checking instagram, tumblr and of course your blog haha ;)) but my therapist doesn't think that this is a good idea... Let's see if this will work out :)

    1. It can be tough to make everything work. But remember that your health comes first. And there is nothing wrong with taking time from your studies to focus on your health. Do what is best for you!