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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursdays plans

Good morning!!

The tiredness is like a blanket over my mind today. Far too little sleep recently and havent had a chance to catch up on the missed hours, but that is part of life... next week i guess. The tiredness is not going to stop me from having a good day, i actually woke up feeling very positive and ready for a new day!

Today I am also going to meet a reader/friend who is in Stockholm for the day. It's always a little strange to write this when i know that the person reads my blog but I think it will be fun, it's always a step out of my comfort zone to meet "strangers" but it is also a good social skill and considering i want to work with people and helping people, that also requires meeting lots of new people and having the social skills necessary. Hahaha. I think it is alot of fun to meet readers or followers in real life, though i always feel sorry when it is someone who follows my blog or other social media and then comes up to me while I am out and says hello, because i get a little shocked and i can look a little "bitchy" from the outside i guess or when someone random comes up and says hi. But i swear i am not mean i just get a little shocked, but it is definitely fun. And as long as i have spoken to you and know who you are i dont mind meeting you in real life..... though now i feel a little weird writing this online as there could be strange people reading this.

Anyway, that is my plans today, to get some lunch with her and do some wandering around i guess and then try to get some studying done this evening or all of that will be moved until tomorrow.

On a sidenote i have been thinking lots about getting a new tattoo... but i am trying to get that idea out of my head as 1) i dont need a new tattoo 2) it wouldnt be a planned tattoo or one which i am very passionate and know i want and 3) its too expensive and 4) would most probably be one of those "regret" tattoos. But it really is a form of addiction..... i might just have to resort to getting a few henna tattoos or those fake tattoos that look real but last a month or so. I love tattoos, but its not a rash decision either XD Someone please remind me why and give me reasons why i shouldnt get another tattoo..... hahaha i dont think anyone would be happy at me if i did and i dont think i would be happy with myself either, but i am in one of those "I need to change something. Need to do something different with my look" type of phases which often resorts to change of hair colour or cutting my hair differently or different style of clothes... or now, tattoos??? -_- I am one of those people that once an idea pops into my head i just want to act on it XD

Anyway, time to end this post and start getting ready for the day! So i hope you all have a great day :)


  1. Hey Izzy!! :)))
    Hmmm... about the new tattoo!! :)
    I really want a tattoo-- you are my tattoo inspire-er!! :D What new ideas are you thinking about if you get another? :)
    Have a lovely day!!
    <3 Grace

    1. I want one on my wrist but not sure what... and that's the problem. I shouldn't get a spontaneous tattoo but I want a new tattoo XD haha have to just wait and figure things out. Not do a spontaneous tattoo ^-^

  2. Lol, this post made me laugh. What kind of tattoo are you thinking of this time? But I guess you asked for the voice of reason to step in, so..... (don't hate me!) How much does a tattoo cost?..... And how much does therapy cost? Lol... I think you know where I'm going with this ;). That said, if you get a new tattoo, I can't wait to see it. Although all of your other ones were well thought out, and impulsive tattoos are often the mistakes!

    1. Very good reminder about the therapy comparison! ;) I need a voice of reasoning to keep me from getting another one... or getting one at the moment anyway. In the future I might get one of its thought out!

  3. what about a new haircut, that'd be drastic or a new colour or multi coloured lol! nothing wrong with ur hair now but a change of style is sometimes good when u just need to do something wild xx

    1. Yeah i think i need to do something with my hair. That was why i used to dye m hair different colours while i was growing up, because i felt this spontaneous need to change something and so either i changed my hair colour or my clothes style.... so i'll see what i do :)

  4. I get the same urges too for changing myself sometimes. I actually had one of those urges recently and colored my hair bright red because I was really craving some sort of drastic change to make me feel more alive (??). Although I have been mulling over the thought of whether I should do it for a while now. Usually once the thought is there though there's a 99% chance I'll end up doing it. Change is nice sometimes - to just feel like you've added some spunk to your life and it's a fun change. Besides, they say change is as good as a holiday. But of course one has to be responsible and consider whether it's practical and it's what you really want. It's like my therapist told me - you have to do what's good for you.

    1. Ohh i am the same way, once the thought is there i just want to do it... so now i need someone to give me a virtual smack in the face to keep me from doing a tattoo, haha. I need to do something less "long term" XD Ohh yes exactly, i think changes like that can be good as long as it doesnt come with regret XD I hope you have a lovely weekend.