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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thoughts during my maths class

Why are we measuring the circumference and area of a  slice of cake... can't you just eat the cake?

Great now I'm hungry and my stomach is rumbling.

I miss the days when maths was just 2+2=4 or 6×6=36. Now its all words, letters and signs.

I wonder if that girl using her phone all the time is super smart and knows everything already or if she is just in class because she has to be.

Why is 1 no longer 1.... One is basically everything but 1.

I don't understand anything that is going on.

I could get up right now and leave... just grab my bag, put on my jacket and leave.

Why am I thinking of food.... Because there's food pictures in the maths book... that's just mean.

Why am I doing this voluntarily. .. how am I supposed to know 3 chapters in 2 weeks time?

My brain has reached its limit of knowledge.... no more information is going to be saved.

Î pretty much want to begin doing that..... ^^

Shouldnt complin though, i guess i am lucky that i can get an education and study. Its just to keep studying and do the best i can.


  1. Funny thing with your impatience/frustration about those letters. I tend to be more sloppy when counting with numbers, though. Letters force you to concentrate! Formulas are another thing, though. I wish they weren't just given as they are but proven first. Now it's just copy-pasting in Korean.

    Oh dear. But we'll make it.

    1. Hahha yes we will!! Once maths "clicks " then it really isn't that hard, but until you reach that stage it's like fumbling in the dark... or that's how I feel anyway.

  2. Andddddd this is why I am an English major! Math is ah!

  3. oh my gosh I feel you, Iz'!! I take pre-calculus and it is absolutely insane. I have a D in class right now (66% out of 100%) and it's honestly really sad. I know what you're going through!! I wish you luck in your studies!! :))