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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The difference in posing and angles

As i want to show my tan (it will only last roughly 5-7 days. So might as well while I have it!) And that also means showing skin and my body... which I try to not do so much of here.  Unless it's like a summer, on the beach, bikini shot. But I thought I would take the chance to also show the difference in posing and angles. Might as well take the chance when I'm showing my body anyway. 

But ill put a little "body shots and might be triggering" warning. Here.

 So you can just skip this post if these types of pictures trigger you :) and I hope you can accept that im doing this for this post. It's also supposed to be helpful, to show how you can trick the viewer, or more you pose,using lighting and angles to make yourself look your best and then people view the image and think,  wow they always look like that. I mean I am usually pale and bloated... so imagine a snowman with twig arms, that's usually how I look (joke!).

Below is the difference in the poses.

Normally how i look

Trying to flex

Trying to stick out my stomach... though it definitely doesnt look as "bloated" as i usually do as there wasnt anything in my stomach.

How i look normally.

How i look flexing

How i look sticking out my stomach ;)

That awkward self timer selfies... long time since i took those XD 

This pose = stomach in, booty out, flexing the shoulders if the hair isnt in the way... also smile and try to breathe and make it look natural.

This pose = legs not together, slightly apart creating the "thigh gap" (I dont have one naturally and never will), the right lighting gives the "Lines" on the stomach. Arm place in a way that makes the shoulder "pop", also smile.....

I am sorry if anyone finds these posts triggering, but in the end this is how my body looks. Im doing this post because 1)I like my tan and 2) i wanted to show how you can look different in different poses and flexing and such!! So please remember this :)

(I do accept construtive critisizm, just dont personally attack me. So if you have something feel free to comment just dont make it out like you are attacking me as that wont be good for anyone :))


  1. You are really beautiful, Izzy, both inside and out.
    (My stomach is permanently bloated, despite being a healthy weight; one gets used to it, and there are more important things in life, but it would be nice to have a body like yours!)

    1. Thank you. I am bloated 90% of the time and that's not a joke. But it's not something I post about or post pictures of. It's not something I am bothered or care about because like you wrote, there are more important things in life :)

  2. I have to agree, that u look lovely "posing" and normal snaps without the 'illusions'! :D X

  3. I mean this in as constructive way as I can and not to attack you. I repeat! Not attacking you, just questioning a thought. Don't you think promoting things like spray tans and BCAAs are very much similar to what that australian social media model was doing and getting paid for wearing their clothes sent as freebies to her but recently she quit all of that and exposed social media's emphasis on the perfect body and completely deleted her social media accounts (you published a post on her not too long ago.) Because True Transparency is essentially body focused. It promotes a "better" body for building muscle which it's product aids. The spray tan also puts emphasis on body promotion. How is that any different than what that girl was doing before she realized that none of that matters? Because the way you're posing and advertising a spray tan shows that you very much do think these things matter and are worth showing to the world and it's so very much body orientated. What if your blog didn't just focus on looking good and feeling good and promoting eating disorder recovery? What if you started exploring alternative wonderful things in this world that matters?

    1. This is a really good comment so I'm going to try answer you in a post :)

  4. hun i don't know if you have any thoughts on this but my stomach gets so swollen and bloated i look pregnant but when it goes down a little bit I'm then left with all this excess skin (i guess after being stretched and then retracting) its really upsetting. bar a tummy tuck is there anything i can do or will i always be left with this loose tummy skin as this is my worst area and its really upsetting me. love those shorts by the way x

    1. Well if it's skin for example if you lost alot of weight then there isn't so much you can do about it and even if it is "fat" that doesn't matter so much either. Body acceptance is the best thing. It can be tough to accept but it's even worse to walk around and hate yourself. Trying to love yourself is the best option. Remember that you are more than your body. Focus on other things than your body.

  5. Haha, I thought this was a cool post ;D