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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pancakes for dinner and a long nights sleep

Good morning :):)

How is everyone doing? It's less than a month left to Christmas and i find that very exciting, or more knowing that i will be done with my current course is what is exciting and knowing i have some freetime around Christmas :)

Anyway, yesterday my medication knocked me right out. They are very strong and my body has noticed it because by 7pm i couldnt keep my eyes open and so i curled under the covers, turned off the lights and fell asleep almost immediately. And then i woke by 10pm and brushed my teeth (haha XD), changed into my pyjamas and fell back to sleep. However then i woke up around 3am and was wide awake, having slept my necessary 8 hours. So i just did some social media browsing and just lay and thought until 5 when i began to half sleep until 7am. That was my night anyway and i guess the tiredness will cotninue for a while now, as if i wasnt tired enough already :( But it feels like i do far too much complaining at the moment, so I am going to put that to the side and think about other things.

Before falling asleep yesterday i decided to make myself pancakes for dinner. I didnt measure anything so cant write out a recipe but i used 3 eggs, oatmeal, milk and a little bit of protein powder and then i fried in coconut oil before topping them with 2 types of cocnut yoghurt from Harvest Moon, fibersyrup and peanuts. It was super good and the yoghurt i got topped them with is delicious, it is made from coconut milk so if you like coconut you'll like those. It doesnt have the consistency of yoghurt, its more creamy but also coconutty!!

Sometimes all you need is pancakes for dinner :) There are so many positives about not being controlled by food and weight, but one of them is being able to eat whatever you are craving and not having any set rules about when to eat and what! It is such a freedom :) It can take time to trust your body and to get rid of rules about time, what to eat, when etc and trusting your cravings and signals, but it is worth it when you do reach that stage :):)

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  1. hi Izzy, hope you don't suffer too much from the strange nights sleep. Pancakes sound yum! I cannot wait to be at the stage where I can just properly enjoy and relax with food and eating again. I'm a way off as still have quite a bit of weight to gain and a lot of psychological crap to get through, but fingers crossed at least I am on the right track now. Your site/blog is so helpful and inspirational so thank you so much. Take care xx S