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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Not wanting to feel full

I hope it is not a weird question but, is it healthy to hate feeling full? I feel so bad mentally when feeling full and so i always try to eat small portions that keeps me slightly hungry. But i do eat more often, so i think i eat enough. And when feeling full my body seems to look larger? I think it is so hard to know what is normal behavior when you have history with mental illnesses.

From the way you phrase this it does not sound healthy. Being scared of being full is not normal. Being full is not a bad thing or something you should feel guilty over. It is a normal thing and a sign that you have fed your body enough and so being full is a good thing. Its a bit like when someone enjoys feeling hungry and wants to feel all the time as it gives them some type of satisfication, that is also an unhealthy behaviour/mindset. As hunger = feed your body as it wants energy, it is not an accomplishment to walk around hungry, it means you are denying your bodies needs.

Even if you think you are eating enough or frequently, you are still leaving yourself hungry and you arent eating until you are satisfied which isnt a healthy behaviour. When you eat you should feel satisfied afterwards.... for a normal person you would say that a person is satisfied, i.e they could fit in 2 more potatoes and some salad if they wanted to, but they dont feel the need to. But if you are still hungry, and still thinking about food and wanting to eat then you still need to eat more as your body hasnt been satisfied.

Its important to ask yourself why feeling hungry scares you and what you can do about it? I would suggest that you try to add more to your meals so that you are satisfied... maybe instead eat 5 bigger meals so that you feel satisfied after each meal and not walk around hungry, because what good is that?

Most people eat when they are hungry unless someone is a yo-yo dieter or trying to lose weight, but even when someone needs to or wants to lose weight that doesnt mean that you have to be constantly hungry - though this is all very individual and i am not going to get into it.

And when it comes to the body looking bigger when you are full, that is most probably because you bloat... like everyone else does when they eat. The body bloats as the digestive system begins to digest the food. It is normal to bloat and by the end of the day most people are bloated if they have eaten and drunk during the day. But also you might think it feels or looks worse than it is as you are so used to not eating the amount your body wants, so then when you do feel full you feel an uncomfortable feeling and a tightness maybe? But the best thing you can do is to face that fear and try to slowly increase and add food so that you dont have to feel alot of fullness all at once as that can be shocking or frightening, but if you atleast try to eat a little extra and feel a satisfied fullness after your meals.

Ask yourself, what is so wrong with being full?


  1. Thank you for your answer :)

  2. Thanks for posting this. Not liking the feelness of being full is a problem I also have, I just don`t like being uncomfortable after eating. Its the same with fluids, I don`t drink too much too close together because I hate that feeling afterwards. To be honest I didn't really see this as aproblem until I read this post, more of just something I didn't like but reading it has made me realise I need to do some work to change this. I know that if I didn't feel this way it would certainly make life easier, so yes, I have work to do.

    1. Sometimes things you do just become normal even if maybe they aren't so normal. I mean you don't have to be extremely full but you shouldn't walk around hungry either.