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Monday, November 16, 2015

Not an average Monday

Good evening from a super duper tired girl.

My eyes are drooping closed and all i want to do is curl into bed, but ive got 2,5 hours until i can go to sleep.... no idea how I will keep myself awake XD

I was up early this morning as i wanted to workout before school, it feels like a while since i have been at the gym, i havent had the time for it recently but this week its back to strength training and not as much cardio! Also tomorrow is my first crossfit lesson XD

School today was..... tiring. For the first hour i sat there yawning and thinking, "I am not going to learn anything today" but thankfully i had a caffinated True with me so that gave me the energy for my 4 hour lesson and was able to learn new things. Now its only 2 days until my test...  And it feels like i have passed the stage of nerves and stress.... that place where you are calm from the stress and nerves? Like when you are so hungry that you end up not feeling hungry at all. So the nerves and worry is so much that instead i am in a place of calm... and its when i reach this type of place that it isnt good -_-  Anyway after school i sat at a cafe for 2,5 hours and drank multiple cups of coffee, ate a yoghurt & nut thing and some chocolate covered nuts and spread my things out using 3 tables XD hahah. It actually worked well to get some work done i thought i would be distracted but with good music and focus on my work it wasnt so bad, though of course i prefer to study at libraries rather than cafes, but today it was just because it would take too much time to 1) buy lunch and 2) travel to the library, i would only have gotten rougly an hour of work done. So it was easier to just buy something quick to eat and sit at a cafe close to my school (with free wi-fi of course) and so i could get almost 2,5 hours work done.

Then before i had to leave i went to the USA store and looked at all the new products and even went into the English shop! Love seeing all the different products but they are so expensive that it's no point actually buying anything, but fun to look at anyway.

And then it was time to catch my train and head to a spray tan salon..... Yup, you read that right.  I was asked if i wanted to be a spray tan model (and get it for free) and i thought, why not. I have always wanted to do it, of course it would have been more fun if i could do it before my birthday as i have nothing special this week. But maybe thats good, because i dont know how it will turn out!! Anyway, it was my first time getting a spray tan - not sure what colour i got, but it will give me some type of colour anyway. I look like a gingerbread now but it wont be as dark when i wash it off!! Its kind of nice to have a bit of colour, but i really hope it isnt patchy or that it wont mess up on my face, neck or hands as that never looks good!!! Tomorrow i will post some photos if it turns out good.... :) hahaha.

I also have to mention that it definitely is a test of body confidence in a way, to stand there in practically nothing, definitely something i would not have been able to do a few years ago. I was so self conscious about my body and wouldnt even have been able to stand half naked none the less actually have someone see me half naked. But now it was like... "who cares?" they work with this and see practically naked bodies all the time of all different shapes and sizes. Just like masseurs, i mean they have choosen that work and so they see all types of bodies all the time and it is nothing to feel self conscious about.  :)

For now i have 2 hours until i have to wash it off - It's been 8 hours then!! And i can say... i am longing to take a shower, i am freezing and just want to sleep XD

Tomorrow it is an early morning and study all day - want to feel atleast 50% confident anyway!

Throw back to summer and a naturally tanned me!!!

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