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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Nobody has the perfect life - we're all just trying the best we can

I think it is important to be reminded of the fact that life is what you create it, but also that life doesnt always turn out the way you planned. Sometimes things take alot longer to happen than what you had planned. Life isn't just a stroll in the park, it's like a rollercoaster and you can't always control it. Though you always have options and choices, somewhat... some would say that you dont have choices because it is already "choosen fo you" that everything is already set out the way things should happen. Others would say that you create your life by the choices you make and can change your life whenever,  but whatever you believe in things change and happen for a reason (whether its your choice or because they were meant to happen that way).

But people (including myself) get far too caught up in "how their life should be". Thinking about all the things they don't have. Or 18 year olds who compare themselves to famous 15 year olds who seem to have it all and done everything and you ask yourself, what have I done with my life? But that is silly, everyone is different and everyone has different opportunities in life.

We think that by the age of 16 we should have had our first boyfriend or girl friend. We should have had our first iss. By 18 we should have been to our first real party and we should have gotten a job. By 22-25 we should have a great job and a degree in something we love and working with something we love. By 25 we have travelled and seen lots......  But life isnt like a movie and life is definitely not like the above. (though for some it might be)

But we should stop trying to live the perfect life, instead make choices about what makes you happy and let things take their time. Because there is absaloutly no point chasing someone who doesnt like you back, or being in a relationship just to be in a relationship. And there is no point doing things you willl regret just to say you have done them, or to feel like an outsider because you haven't done them.

Life doesnt come with an instructions book and everyone is trying the best they can. Some have to deal with more than others but at the end of the day everyone is just trying the best they can with what they have. It's good to have goals and dreams of how you want your life to be, but it is also important to remember that things dont always go as planned but that doesnt mean that you won't reach your goal, just that it will take longer to reach it.

Dont get caught up in when you should have done something or compare yourself to others, everyone is just trying to figure things out themselves.

But also remember.... people go back to college at the age of 50 or 60 and thats ok. You dont have to know what you want to work with/study when you are 20 or even 25 or 30. You wont necessarily find the person of your dreams by the age of 20 or 25... sometimes you are 50 before you find the person of your dreams. You can get another education or work with something else, what you first choose towork with doesnt have to be the only thing you work with. The first person you get together with doesnt have to be the person you marry or spend the rest of your life with... its ok to date several people (though not at the same time!) during your life time. It's ok to be 25 and have your first partner then. Its ok to be 25 and first move out.

Focus on your goals and work towards then and know that everyone has their struggles and nobody really knows what they are doing, some are just better at faking it.

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  1. great post! i laughed at some of the quotes too -- thank you! please look after yourself. i do hope you have a lovely day today... or at least the very best that can be. thinking of you