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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New day and a whole bunch of cake photos

Good morning :)

After a long and restless night sleep where my dream/nightmare was filled with dark clouds, running from strange things, trying to find places and not able to breathe underwater, it was definitely nice to wake up and no longer be stuck in that weird nightmare. Sometimes reality is better, especially when you have the power to control your reality - somewhat anyway. Life cant really be controlled but i can atleast make the decision to make today a good day and try to be happy. Seeing the positive and trying to be happy can make any situation somewhat better!

So i started my day with a huge heap of pills to take, so many pills that it fills me up as i need to drink 2-3 glasses of water to get them all down. Its also time to start with 2 types of antiobiotics today.... usch,  they always affect me so negatively both physically and mentally. I become an emotional wreck when i take them and my stomach is bloated and in pain as well as bad skin.... but thats what i got to live with i guess, it could be worse!!

Then it was breakfast time and some computer time and only now do i feel that i want to write a post. Lacking the creativity of blogging today and i have many questions i am planning to answer, and i will try to get around to them. But that is best done when the spark of creativity hits :)

Today I am going to do some stretch, felixibility and mobility work at the gym. I would say it is an easy workout, but i am pretty sure it wont be because i dont work on those things so much. I am naturally sort of flexible so stretching isnt so hard, but doing the same thing over and over, of course it isnt hard.... so now time to do some different things and work on improvements in technique and such and maybe some foam rolling as well, that can be a benefit even if it is a love/hate thing!

And my final point.... this is basically just a journal right now, hahah XD I am not sure if i mentioned this or not, but i have decided on the cake i want to make for my birthday and i am super excited!! I just want to make it now, but i think i am going to make it on Friday and then we are going to eat a birthday/celebration dinner on Saturday. Though of course when it comes to me and cakes i cant make a simple chocolate cake, that is too boring for me. If i could i would make 3 bigger than normal cakes just because, but i am settling with one big cake where there is an 80% chance that everything will go wrong XD But i am willing to take my chances and i really really hope it doesnt go wrong, because if it turns out good, it can definitely be good. And hopefully taste good, but i am more excited about making it look good, or more look different and trying a new type of fun cake idea!!! :) Though i wont post pictures of it until my birthday, i dont think... so you will have to wait 6 days, haha.

I dont know how i feel about my birthday, excited... but not really. It's on a Monday and i will be up before everyone else and wont be home until the afternoon and then my mum is working in the evening and my step dad will be going to the yoga class and my sister doesnt come home until late, so it wont be much celebration on my actual birthday. Which is kind of nice in a way, but at the same time i want there to be something special about the day!! But i am sure i will find some way to make it special!! :)

How do you like to celebrate your birthday? Do you do anything special on your birthday or do you treat it just like a normal day? :)

Also, is anyone else excited for Christmas... I am :):) I cant wait!!


  1. Can I just say the photos of all those cakes look yummy! Did you make them? They look great
    Sorry to hear about your bad experience at the clinic yesterday, I hope the medication takes hold quickly and you soon start to feel better.
    But why are you going to the gym if you are sick? Surely you should be resting and taking it easy .......not nagging you honest - but if you are in pain then bed is the place for you - curled up with your doggy and a nice hot cup of chocolate - let the meds kick in before you think about gym work - please?
    worrying about you but sending you lots of hugs ((()))

    1. Thank you :) yeah I've made them. I'm not sick ;) and actually not working out would make my CF worse. My doctor would prefer if I was running or swimming 7 days a week as that helps my CF. Though of course when I take antibiotics I won't have as much energy so I might not workout as often or as intense but I can stll workout :) but I understand where you are coming from but I know my body best!

    2. What about your hip pain?

  2. You really go crazy with the cakes:D I am looking forward to see what you´ll make for your birthday.

  3. Yum!
    When your cake turns out amazing :) You can share the recipe?
    I´m so not a party person so for my birthday all I want to do is to be alone behind locked doors drink coffee, eat loads and watch movies ;D

  4. Izzy, I'm so sorry for everything that happened yesterday and I really do hope (and know ;)) that things will get better again! We are always here for you and just want your best!
    Hmm celebrating birthday wasn't much fun the past few years, mainly because it meant family and scary food... The only reason why I'm excited for mine is because of all the presents I get xD
    Keep your head up, you can do this, I believe in you :)

  5. I read this comment you had posted a while ago, I wish you could give yourself the same support as you give to your readers <3

    IzzyNovember 20, 2015 at 11:57 AM
    It can be tough to make everything work. But remember that your health comes first. And there is nothing wrong with taking time from your studies to focus on your health. Do what is best for you!

  6. Those cakes look amazing Izzy and so do you!! :D

    I've never had a party or celebrated my birthday really -- although If I can around that day meet up with my best buddies, then that is a real treat!

    Christmas isn't a great time of year.. However, seeing the positive side, there is a New Year of possibilities about to arrive :) Hope u have a fab day Xx