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Saturday, November 14, 2015

My review of James Bond: Spectre and Saturdays plans

Good morning :)

Yesterday evening it was time for the cinema with my boyfriend and his family (as they all wanted to see the James Bond film!). Before leaving i felt this pulling feeling of "I dont want to.... Can i call and say that i feel sick or some type of excuse so that i dont have to go". I know it was silly to think and feel that way, i dont even know why i felt that way... all i knew was that i wasnt in the mood to leave the house or do anything. But i pulled myself together, downloaded some new music and left and i am glad i did. Sitting in the cinema isnt anything too social or that craves so much energy, so that was nice.... if it had been a party yesterday evening i definitely would not have had the energy to socialize or enjoy myself. But onto the actual movie. We saw the new James Bond movie, Spectre. I love James Bond, I have seen all of them apart from the previous one, Sky fall. (I dont know why i havent seen this film... just that i dont have the patience to watch long films on my own and no one has wanted to watch it with me). So i think i might have missed a few things or details in Spectre as i hadnt seen the previous film.

The film was 2,5 hours (roughly) and that is quite a long time and alot to take in.... so i remember the start and finish but everything in between is just a sort of mix together and i cant quite remember which order they went or there are small things/scenes you forget about. But i did like the film because it isnt so much action like other films where its just "Bang bang, he's dead" all the time. But now there is actually a plot and other things not just shooting all the time, even if there is some of that as well, haha. There was one scene which some might find uncomfortable when James Bond is caught *spoiler* but as i have seen so many films that include similar scenes it didnt bother me so much, but some might feel the need to look away during that scene.

What would i rate the film? 4/5 i think... or maybe 3,5. I mean its good, but its not one of those films where you think "oh my god, this has changed my life or i want to watch this film 5 times more". It was more like.... "good film, i am sure i would watch it again but if i dont it doesnt matter".

Those of you who have seen the new James Bond film, what did you think? :)

Todays plans are to eat lunch with my sister, boyfriend and his sister. My boyfriends sister doesnt live in Sweden but she is visiting for a few days and as she works within the area that my sister is studying and interested in we thought it might be fun for them to meet and talk... and well, my boyfriend and I can just sit there and eat XD hahaha. And then after that we (i.e myself, my boyfriend and his sister) are heading back to their parents house and eating dinner there :) His parents are so sweet as they always make me something which i can eat, i.e when they eat meat they make me salmon or chicken or have some salad and other food which i can eat. It is very sweet of them as i know that many might not be so understanding or might not want to go out of their way like that. But his parents are really nice and nice to me as well, which is nice :)

So that is my plans today and tomorrow it is work for True Transparency... and i must say, i am beginning to feel nervous and a bit of "i dont want to" but i know once i get there i will enjoy it :) I like knowing i am helping and doing something productive!!

Have a lovely Saturday.

I also want to say to all of my readers in France and Paris, please stay safe and i hope you are all doing ok. It was very shocking to see the news this morning.It is terrifying and awful that such things can happen and just how cruel human kind can be at times. Some humans seem to be so inhumane, but i guess we can just try to be the best person and care for each other.


  1. Hi!

    It was a great post:)

    Please, could you write a post about eating dessert after recovery? I am struggling with that problem.
    Thank you:)

  2. i actually didnt like spectre so much, it was kind of slow and boring and not like the other bond films. I feel that there were to many unneccesary scenes that made the movide too long..
    But going to the cinema is always nice:)

    1. Yeah I like going to the cinema but I hate watching bad films ^-^ but I didn't think it was so bad. I've seen worse films anyway!

  3. Hi !
    It's the first time for me to write on your blog even if i'm following you since a long time but i just want to thank all of you for the support messages for Paris! All of your thoughts are touching us, we are so sad but so determinate to not let these furious mad men make their rules.
    French people have something courageous, we are never afraid, we are strong and stronger after each attacks.
    With all of the french love