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Sunday, November 15, 2015

My childhood part 2

Continuing on from my previous post!

When i was younger i loved to eat. I loved food even as a baby, i was actually quite a chubby baby but grew to be very tall and slim no matter how much i ate. Infact i ate alot of nutella and cream and could eat pretty much whatever i wanted and was still underweight. Though i was very active as a child as well due to all the energy i had - that is when i wasnt very sick, coughing up my lungs (or so it felt) and barely able to breath.

I was a child who was friends with everyone but only had one true best friend and only really felt comfortable with her. I was shy and didnt say so much, i was the silent, smart girl in school.  I also played the flute and tin whistle as well as harmonica when i was school, i actually enjoyed this though at times it felt forced and annoying.

Also some achievements which i had almost forgotten about! I used to play chess alot and won the age group for a chess competition. I also danced irish dancing and came second (in my age group in a compeititon (and it wasnt a super small competition either). I also did a SAT test when i was 14 and got accepted as one of the 100 students out of the whole of Ireland between a certain age (like 12-16 or something) who did the test to go university course/summer school. Though how i managed to do that test i have no idea as i was barely eating at that time and i was admitted to the psychiatric hospital a few days after accepting the award (?) and then 6 weeks later we moved to Sweden and so i couldnt go to the summer courses.

As i grew up i changed my style alot... from "just put on whatever" to "tomboy" to "emo/goth" to "girly and lots of dresses" and now eventually landed on the "sports clothes all day, everyday" XD

 I have always loved animals and dogs and apparently when i was younger i would run up to dogs and hug them/pet them or i would have dogs following me.. no idea why (or so my parents say, but i am guessing it is the fact that i most likely had food in my hair, on my clothes or on my hands!).

I was very good at saving when i was younger and would always save my candy or chocolate for later in case i wanted it then... though i would leave it so long that it would go moldy and my parents had to throw it away! But also i was very generous, if anyone wanted help i would help them and always gave away my things, for example if i bought candy i would ask everyone if they wanted some before i even ate any and would most likely give away 80% if i could... not sure why i was like that, hahaha.

My childhood was good, i mean it could have been worse. Though some might read about my childhood and think, wow spending 50+% time in hospital, being poked and proded, spending 80% of the time alone and having divorced parents... not an easy childhood. But i have always been a happy person and child. Just accepted it, i mean i havent known anything different. For exmaple if i got CF when I was 18 and had to spend alot of time in hospital and take lots of medications now then i think it would have been alot worse, but i havent known anything worse and my parents were happier when they seperated and that made ME happy. I just accept and find the positives, of course not having CF, not spending so much time in hospital and missing so much of my life would have been nice, but i cant change that and i still think i had a good childhood. I got to spend alot of time with my mum because i was sick.

It was kind of nice to make these posts about my childhood and get me thinking about my childhood... i mean there is SO MUCH i could write, haha. But i will settle for these two posts for now :) If you want to know anything more about me, it is just to ask :)


  1. You was a beautiful child, and you had had an interesting childhood!

    1. Naaw thank you :) I enjoyed writing the posts!

  2. _loved_ reading these posts! :)

  3. Loved these posts about your childhood! You certainly had a lot to deal with - your CF - from such an early age but I guess you`re right, you never knew any different so as a child you just adapted to it. Thankyou for sharing these memories. Cute baby pictures too! And I love the bit about the dogs :)