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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Maths test and lunch at my favourite place

Maths..... usch.

Maths test = even more usch.

My maths test today = blah. usch. blah. Hahahah... it's safe to say that it didnt go so well, as expected really. Despite all the hard work and hours i have put into studying - yup, i dont even want to think about how many hours i have spent studying these three chapters. But during the test all i saw was words and numbrs and couldnt seem to solve the equations. Or i did the best i could from what i had learned but it felt like i just went back to basics and most probably did things which dont work hahaha. So i dont think it went so well and i am expecting to fail that test :( My first fail... usch, i dont even want to think about it. It just means that i have to pass my national test in 4 weeks time... meaning that the 2 weeks before the test there will be little social time as i need to make sure i understand everything atleast 90% XD

But onto other things, whats done is done and there is no point feeling disappointed or low. I did what i could. So after my test i went to lunch with my mum at my favourite vegetarian place! 2 rounds of roasted vegetables, tofu and hummus. The best combination!! Then when the food had been digested i shared dessert - a pumpkin and carrot muffin with some type of icing (i tried to figure out what it was made of... most probably coconut oil and cashews or something) - with my mum. After more than 2 hours we were both full and ready to head home. But first a few stops in different shops as my mum had to buy a few things and then finally home again.

And it feels so good to just lie in my own bed, but also that i have cleaned my room which feels even better. And this is where i will spend the rest of my evening... just lying down and binge watching (hate that term :/ ) a series!!!

It feels good to have the test over with and just focus on the next few chapters now!! Soon the course is over, thankfully. And it's just to keep my fingers crossed that i get into university courses or the dietician program next year!!

Anyway, i hope you all have a lovely day and evening :):)


  1. over the years I found out that university math tests are mainy about don't worry! :)
    what series are you watching? :)

    1. Haha it might be that!! I'm going to start watching sole anime series i think as it feels like I've watched so many series haha.

  2. ah hun you tried your best thats what counts well done for all the hard work whatever the outcome its time to put feet up and relax cos it wasn't easy and you deserve some rest from brain overload. ah wish we had buffets like this - babes what does tofu taste like and do u have any recipes or dishes that you do at home? veggie ones x

    1. Thank you!! Hmm it's hard to explain what tofu tastes like, it's just something you need to try. I love tofu!! :) I can try make another post about vegetarian meal Ideas :)

  3. Well I hope your test results turn out ok for you- I`m sure they will - we always imagine we have done worse than we actually have in tests so fingers crossed for you!
    Your food in the restaurant looked amazing! I have to say you eat such different food to us here in England - apart from specialist places like pizza, Chinese, indian etc its a take on the traditional meat and two veg scenario - steaks, chicken etc - all cooked foods no raw things or buffet style like you have, or at east not in the part of the country where I live - maybe they do in London?
    Good to see you are in happier times at the moment :)