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Monday, November 16, 2015

Master post - stress and school tips

Stress is something i unfortunatly don't deal well with, i wish i had some magical cure and magic way to deal with stress but i use a bunch of techniques to try to cope with the stress of school. But when there is the fear of failure and a slight perfectionist within me as well as a type of black or white/150% or nothing type of thinking, then the stress and wanting everything to go perfect can definitely take its toll.

I got asked about stress and how to cope, but also what to do when you eat less or more due to stress. And i can say i have done both things.... When i am very stressed either i end up eating very little because i lose my appetite or my stomach messes up because of the stress and makes it hard to eat. Or i eat alot more and there is no structure or routine and also the stress releases hormones which can make you bloat alot as well as make the body hold onto fat... so i've done both things, lose weight and eat less due to stress and gain fat and lose all structure with my eating due to stress. But i thought i would maybe write a better post about this and maybe some tips on how to overcome those things. And in this post i am just going to link back to old posts which you might find helpful

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  1. Love these posts! Thank you for compiling them Izzy!!

  2. Thank you Izzy for fab posts! :) you're a star X

  3. Wow thank you, that was so interesting and helpful :) can you also do a more specific post on time Management? Especially when you are in recovery there isn't much time left for anything else... You have to go see your doctor and therapist and, something I struggle with a lot, eating your meals takes sooo much time - I mostly need up to one hour per meal :( Do you also have tips for that issue? How to start eating faster again?
    Again, thank you and keep going :)