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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Keeping myself motivated to study

Hello :)

At the moment my study motivaion is at 0... or well it has been all week. The irritated "want to throw my books out the window" feeling has kept me from putting in the work needed. It really is much harder to motivate yourself to do something that isnt fun... i guess i understand how people may ask me why i workout so often if they dont enjoy it themselves. If someone enjoys maths then i completely understand that they put hours into it and work hard at maths... me, i dont find it that fun, not anymore anyway so i would  prefer to not put the hours into it. But just like with anything in life, and like i wrote a post a few months ago... if you want to get better at something you need to put the work into and so that is what i need to do.

My plan was to go to the library at 12pm when it opened, so i spent my morning going on a long walk in the rain with my dog, then doing some meal prep and finally it was 12pm and i headed to the library only to find out that it was closed (despite it saying that it was open on their website -_-') so instead it was just to head home, plug in music and keep myself from getting distracted by my family around me.

My studying went like this.... 30 minutes work, 2 minutes free time, 30 minutes work 5 minutes free time. And then after a while a little longer break to keep myself motivated to continue and i kept telling myself... "the more i get done today, the less i need to do tomorrow" so eventually after 4 hours i got half a chapter done so that i just have half a chapter to do tomorrow & revision over 2 chapters.... roughly 6 hours work tomorrow then -_- But as i have plans all next weekend i wont have much time to study and then i have a test in 11 days time on 3 chapters so need to get as much revision done as possible this weekend and next week. Basically no time for people next week.... but todays reward for my hard work = friends, dinner and wine. Though i dont know if i will be drinking alcohol as 1) i get tipsy very quickly and 2) alcohol does not mix well with my mental state, but maybe half a glass anyway. I dont feel any pressure to drink when i am with friends but it also feels more like joining in when the others are all drinking, though i will see how i feel, just drinking water works just as well for me :)

Now i really should be leaving though, as usual everything took a little longer than planned but i'll still be there in time anyway :)


  1. Sounds a bit like my morning! (walking dog in the rain through muddy fields :)

    I hope your math is going well Izzy and u have a fab weekend with friends and family X

  2. Hope you had a good day and that you had agood time with your friends - you definitely need to have chill out time after all that studying, and it keeps the motivation going too if you`ve got a reward to look forward to.
    raining here too - lots of soggy bonfire parties this weekend.
    Heres wishing you a good week ahead :)