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Monday, November 2, 2015

Is blogging a good idea in recovery?

I got a question about blogging and whether I recommend it or think it's a good idea.

As you may know by now I have blogged for many years and I find that there are more postives than negatives. And I blogged through my years of being sick and my years in treatment. And that was helpful as I could write out my feelings and thoughts and a way for me to express myself. It was helpful for me in recovery though I never wrote as a way to help others... It was more helping myself. And I didn't focus so much on statistics. That is one of the things many people get bothered about when they start blogging, they wonder why they don't have lots of followers or readers at once when that infact takes time to happen and doesn't happen at once,unless you make a post that starts to spread or your blog goes viral.

If you find that it's hard to express yourself by taking to others then blogging or writing in journals can be helpful. You do have to be aware about what you post on the Internet and what affect that can have on you in the future.

The good thing about blogging I'm recovery is that you can find a community of helpful readers who encourage and support you and one another. But also it  can keep you accountable. .. that you write down things and make promises to yourself and your readers and then it's harder to back out of it. For example if I wrote that I was going to eat pizza then even if at the time I really didn't want to I knew I had wrote that I would so then I should. Though it's so easy to lie online but don't do that... you will eventually grt caught up in your lies and I did anyway. But also your readers will lose faith in you if they find out you have been lying.

However blogging and being in the recovery community can also make you "stuck " in recovery.  You identify yourself with the person recovering and you don't know who you are without being the sick one or the recovering one. you just stick to the recovering identitiy and don't move on to healthy.

Blogging can be great help though there are so many recovery bloggers now a days, unlike when I started blogging then there was very little which is why I think a whole load of people found my blog as it was one of the first in the search bar.  But for me now... If I can help atleast one person or inspire atleast one person to take the steps towards recovery that makes me so happy! !

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  1. I've loved documenting my own recovery via my blog! I think its been really helpful. :)