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Sunday, November 1, 2015

How to deal with the cold

I got asked about how to deal with the cold and i thought i would give some tips.

For me personally i am either super warm, where i need to walk around in shorts and a sports bra and have all the windows open or i am super cold where i have 3 pairs of socks on, double layers, blankets and still freezing. I am never an inbetween or a normal, and i still dont know which one is worse... because its the type of cold where no matter how much you layer on you are still cold, but also the inside, boiling up feeling where you need to go stand in a freezer to cool down. And both suck. Also not to mention that i have bad circulation so my hands and feet are always like ice blocks, though i have little feeling in either so i dont notice that they are cold, but others like to mention it.

So how to deal with the cold?

1) Dress warmly. I know this standard and standard advice, but layers!! Buy tight fitting clothes which you can have as your first layer and then layers on top. Or even buy some of the winter "base" clothes, or whatever they are called. But they are like tight fitting sports clothes which keep the heat in and you can wear them under jeans or tops! They are supposed to be really good :)

2) Keep your feet and wrists warm... if your wrists or feet get cold (or your neck) then the rest of you will feel cold. So buy some wrist warmers, scarves, hats and of course lots of socks and fluffy socks!

3) Eat lots of warm food. Limit the consumption of lots of cold food such as ice cream, yoghurt, cold meals etc Instead eat full meals which are heated/warm, oatmeal, soup (with warm bread!). And other warm meals.

4) Drink lots of warm beverages. Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, warm water with lemon etc

5) Eat spicy food. I know that eating spicy food is something some people do to riase their metabolism, but add spicy food to keep you warm... it works :) As long as it doesnt mess up your stomach anyway.

6) Buy warming pads. I think you can buy them... ive gotten a few from my aunt who works at the blood central (i.e donating blood) and then they use these small pads which heat up, so then its easier to put the needle in... but i use them as a way to heat up my hands when its minus degrees outside!

7) When you are at home, wrap up in blankets or lay under your duvet at home. Or buy a warmng blanket - these are really good and arent so expensive either, so a good investment if you find yourself freezing at home.

8) Jump up and down and move your legs if you are just standing outside and freezing. I.e if you are waiting for a train or something and its cold, then jump up and down (for like 5 seconds) r move your legs... this will get the circulation going and keep you warmer. (and this is not a tip to exercise more, this is a way to keep you warmer when its cold outside)

9) Takes lots of warm baths and showers!

10) Have fun things to do and things that motivate you to leave the house even if its cold and dark. I know how tough it is to leave when its cold and dark, but get some fresh air anyway, it will help you. But also have something fun to look forward to... such as if you are going to work and school try to look forward to something during the day so that it feels ok. And if you have nothing, because you arent working or studying, try to get into the habit of atleast going out for 10 minutes a day... just getting some fresh air and getting outside and then reward yourself with a warm shower and a hot beverage!

Also try to remember that winter comes around every year and its tough but you can get through the winter season. You just need to learn to adapt, do the best of the situation and keep yourself warm! Know that summer will soon be on its way :) You can get through the cold!!

If anyone else has any tips comment below!

1 comment:

  1. Good post! I don't suffer from cold so much any more, but ...
    thermal, insulating hats that you can pull down over your ears (really helpful for whole body);
    hot water bottles - one for your feet, one for your lap, one for your chest... be careful they don't burst or spit when you pour water in!
    fingerless gloves for doing anything at home that needs your fingers
    if you can afford electric heaters, they're very efficient - use wisely though and don't risk starting a fire!
    thermal underwear - long sleeved vests and long leggings
    thermal socks, fleece lined ankle high slippers or, outdoors, boots; & like Izzy says, keep your lower legs warm, and your hands & wrists -- a homeless person told me that they sleep with an extra blanket specifically for their lower legs, as otherwise it takes longer to warm up;
    avoid getting too cold if possible as it's much harder to warm up if you do, but if you do, then deep warm baths ... but if you're really, really cold then you need a doctor! it is dangerous
    good luck and take care