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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How much is too much? And over eating because it is delicious

Izzy, you've written before about how to finsih a meal and move on (thank you), but what about e.g. how to just eat a bit o fthe chocolate bar / packet of crisps / cake etc, rather than the whole thing all at once?

It's different from meals, because these are foods one never HAS to eat, one just chooses to, and they have the combination of being fun and guilty and easy to consume in large quantities that makes them especially binge-inducing. Plus, if there is some left over, then you know it is there to finish? It's not just chocolate, cake etc that I find this with, I finid it also with some other kinds of foods .....
No pressure to answer this, honestly! Thank you for all your wonderful posts, and for your good sense and strength. have a good evening

I can say that you arent alone in this type of thinking, because you know what... even normal people struggle with this. "How much can they eat" of certain foods. And sometimes it is not easy to stop at one piece of chocolate, instead you eat 4 pieces and then you eat 8 and suddenly you have eaten the whole thing. That does not mean a lack of control but that it tastes soo good, or it could also be a sort of "mindless" thing where if you have the food infront of you and are sitting and working or watching a film or series you are more likely to just eat (which is ok. That is ok :)) I guess you could say that a "normal" portion of food is the recommended amount, though in all honesty... i dont like those because it can make a person feel bad for eating more. When infact maybe the person needed more or wanted more.  Sometimes you just need to listen to yourself and what is best for you at that moment, because sometimes all you need is 100g chocolate and who is to say that that is wrong. As long as you arent eating 100g chocolate everyday then doing it once in a while isnt wrong.

Some would say that i eat too much chocolate and that it cant be healthy for me but i know how my body functions and what is best for my body and i feel healthy physically and mentally eating the amount i do, so who is to say thathat is wrong. But also that i maintain my weight eating the amount i do so i amnt eating too much or too little. The way i eat might not work for others but it works for me and that is what is important and it can be good to think like that as well. Forget how much or what others are eating and just focus on what is best for you and what your body needs. Everyone is different and needs different amounts.

I also feel like adding that food should never have the power to make you feel guilty. No matter what it is. No matter if you ate a whole 200g bag of crisps and then a 150g chocolate, that shouldnt make you feel guilty. And unless you lost all control where you physically couldnt stop yourself from eating it isnt a binge, just overeating. It is one thing to eat a little more than normal or than your stomach might want you to just because something is delicious or the type of "mindless eating" where you have the chocolate infront of you while watching a film and you eat the whole thing. But if you cant stop thinking about food and you have times where you lose control around food where you just eat and eat and eat and you cant stop yourself, like your brain goes blank and it is not you in control anymore then you might be suffering with binge eating which is an eating disorder and needs help to recover from.

When it comes to not eating the whole thing it is about your mentality... it is easy to think "Black and white", for some they think if they eat one piece of chocolate they might as well eat it all because they have already "cheated" (hate that word when it comes to food) or that they have already ruined their diet. But that type of thinking is not good when it comes to food, because it is better to eat 1 row of chocolate now and again rather than eat the whole thing all at once. You arent ruining anything by eating just a row and what is left can be eaten another time. You dont have to eat it all at once, even if you have it at home. If you struggle with eating the whole package of things then buy small packages or hide the remaining somewhere you dont see it or get someone to hide it for you. Of course if you arent completely satisfied, eat some more but eating the whole thing (if it is a big pacakge for example it is better to eat 2 or 3 cookies instead of the whole pacakge of 8. So even if you have the other 5 at home you dont need to eat them all at once). For a while i struggled with this, the black and white thinking and if i ever baked anything i would eat a piece and then give the rest to my family and get them to eat as much of it as possible and throw the rest away because if it just sat there i would just eat it all because it felt like if i ate one cookie i had already done "wrong" and might as well just eat everything. Very wrong type of thinking. Throwing away food did work, but it was not a good long term way of helping as it cost money and was very wasteful. Instead i had to learn to deal with the fact that i dont need to eat everything at once, i can eat a row of chocolate and be satisfied, maybe 2 rows but i dont have to eat the whole thing unless that is what i want to do, anyway.

It is your mindset you need to change. You can enjoy foods and they should never make you feel guilty and you can eat foods in moderation/balance. This might not be the best answer but i hope it helps somewhat and below are some links which might help as well :)

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