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Friday, November 27, 2015

Health fair, energy drink and proteinbar overdose

Back home after a long day at work and i dont feel tired at all. Though that might be because i have stood and poured up shots of energy drink all day and drank a few shots as well as cans myself. It was free for me to drink as many as i wanted and well i did.... Not that i needed the energy, but its just nice to drink them and when you know they are there, it is hard to not just crack one open. But i thin i kept myself to 2 or maybe 3 ones with caffeine, i lost count by the end XD Not a very good role model!

My day started by meeting up my contact person from the company True T as well as 2 others who were going to work as well and we got our cards to enter the fair and then it was just to set up, change into our  outfits (which i absaloutly love!! I want to workout in them all the time if i could, super comfortable and also look good XD) and then wait until opening time at 10am.

Then when the fair opened at 10am the people started crowding in. There were times where i just sort of stood there and nobody came by and other times i had lots of people. There is so much i could write about people. It feels like i have so much to write but cant seem to get it all out of my mind. There were some very rude and stuck up people, those who were from companies who are sort of in competition with True T and they were just mean. And then some who were really nice and wanted to know more and very talkative. And then there were of course some teenage boys who tried to chat me up which i just sort of brushed off. There were also those who "stole" many drinks. We gave out a free drink to everyone but some people took 3 or 4 at a time and came back an hour later and did the same thing and repeat 3 more times, and all of us working there noticed this and thought it was rude and wrong. I mean fine, 2 free drinks but by the end each of them had maybe taken 12 drinks each.... it is stealing in a way ;(

I saw many people i follow from Instagram which was fun but i had alot to do so i didnt get time to talk to them or go up and say Hi. But also i had a few followers come up to me which  i thought was alot of fun. I love when this happens and i often get told that i am very similar in reality as i am online which is fun to hear. As i dont want to post a different version of myself, i want to try to get my personlity and myself across and maybe i am doing a good job of that :)

I got a little time to wander around the health fair so i got a few things which i needed and also tried lots and lots of protein bar samples as well as bought myself a questbar which was basically my days intake as i didnt have the time to sit and eat. Or i guess i did, but it felt wrong as i wanted to work....  And also the others who were there wandered off very often and so it was often just me left there standing or me and the guy who owns True T and well , iwanted to show i was a hardworker and also i didnt want to leve the whole thing to him.

The whole day passed quickly and it was alot of fun. I actually really enjoy doing this type of work, its strange. But it is fun!! The last hour went slowly as there were very few people left but it was just to wander around and fix small things and smile at people who passed!!

It was a very fun day and i am excited for tomorrow as well :) Though tomorrow there will be double or triple the amount of people so lots more work, but its just fun :) Hopefully i get to meet more followers as well!!

There is so much more i could write about, but after the energy drink consumption and lots of protein bar samples my mind isnt really functioning right so i guess i will write more tomorrow and maybe remember some details i forgot to mention today!!

I didnt take so many photos but here are a few. And you can check out my snapchat izzy.m1 for more :)


  1. Those questies......... LOVE IT

    1. hahah yes!! Though i wish there was some special price on them, but they were still as expensive :(

  2. That looks so cool! :) I'm glad u had a good day Izzy and enjoyed yourself X

    1. Thank you :) I hope you have a lovely weekend.