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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Having recovery buddies in eating disorder recovery

I was asked about my opinion regarding having recovery buddies (i.e others who are also sick) in recovery.  Either online or someone you personally know.

Ive answered this question before and i think it is all about how you and the other person feel. When the relationship is actually helping or not. If you feel that you are getting triggered by the other person and you just begin comparing yourself then maybe its not a good to have such a close relationship with them or for example if that person is always complaining to you and just adding negativitiy to your life or triggering you then that person is not helping you or adding positivity to your life, but draining energy from you.

A recovery buddy should be someone who can motivate and help you. Someone who can remind you that recovery is worth it and someone who is taking recovery seriously aswell. But also you have to help your recovery buddy as well, you cant just take energy, you need to motivate and remind your friend that recovery is worth it as well. But also it can help to be at roughly the same stage so that one isnt struggling extremely and the other one is beginning to live life again but has some ED thoughts left. It is also important to make sure that recovery buddies and such arent holding you back in recovery, for example if you use online accounts and you have written that you are struggling with your eating disorder then your identity is "the sick person" and it can be even harder to let go then. Because you think, well who am I if i dont have my eating disorder, who am I if i amnt the sick person. But also if you are following a bunch of other people in the recovery community it is easy that you become stuck, even if they are helping you, you can still become stuck in the recovery community and not want to fully let go.

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So, recovery buddies can be good and they can be helpful if you both have a goal of recovery and can help each other. So not one is giving all their energy and getting no energy or help back, but also so that your recovery buddy isnt holding you back or you arent holding your friend/recovery buddy back from recovery. For example if you are struggling alot or always very negative that can be triggering your friend or making it harder for them to move forward. So be honest about how the other person is affecting you and how you are affecting the other person. But if it works for you, that is awesome, then you have support and maybe a lifelong friend!!! :)

Also when it comes to being friends with others who are sick, make sure that the friendship isnt just based on the eating disorder or the competitiveness of an eating disorder because in the end that friendship wont last and it will most likely just end up being triggering and negative. Though it doesnt have to be that way, but if it is a true friendship based on much more even if you are both struggling then you know you also have alot in common and you can help each other/support each other! Know what is best for you :)


  1. It's a twofold thing -- I've made friends with some people who are so encouraging, supportive and lovely yet some 'friends' focus on ED and unhealthy negativity, sadly makes it hard to move on from the past.. so one has to let go [unless of course they do get better and the friendship was 'real'].


    1. Exactly, it can be good but it can also be something negative. It depends on the person and what their goal is and whether they are helpful or discouraging :) So its not automatically bad or automatically good, it is very individual :)