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Saturday, November 7, 2015

"Guilt" free food and "guilt" free eating

Something which i have noticed more and more on social media is all this new Guilt free food. Its no longer a cake, but aguilt free cake. Or a guilt free muffin. No longer pasta, but zucchini pasta... No longer rice, but cauliflower rice.
   No more normal chocolate, now its stevia chocolate. Everything has to be healthified and made guilt free before it seems to be edible in the growing 'health obsession'.
Can i just start off by saying that if you feel guilty after eating a muffin You do NOT have a healthy realationship with food. END.
  To have a healthy relationship with food means that you can eat any type of food and NOT fee guilty about it... whether it was a double portion of pasta or salad, whether it was a protein muffin or a normal double chocolate chip muffin.
  You dont mind... but you also CHOOSE what and how much you want to eat... sometimes you want a little more of the sweet stuff, and other times you would prefer to make a protein mugcake instead of normal chocolate mousse. And thats OK. That doesnt make you sick... thats a CHOICE.
  What does make you sick if you feel guilty before/thinking about it/after eating something deemed unhealthy.

But who is to say its unhealthy... i mean i get it, some foods you just know... arent healthy. But other things like chocolate, ice cream, some fries.... That is fine in moderation. Eating it now and again because that is what you are craving or what you feel like...Go for it. Enjoy it. DONT feel guilty.

Women especially are made to feel guilty for eating certain foods, its like women are expected to take salad and always be on a diet...
 If you order cake you have to say things like Wow i feel so guilty. My diet starts tomorrow. Oh i will do morning cardio tomorrow. Ohhh im going to have to burn this off later.
  Its like you cant order cake just because you want it....? You have to be made to feel guilty for it... havea  reason behind why you eat it. Why not just I want a slice of cake and anyone who judges me f**k you?

I mean making healthy alternatives to food, i think thats great. Im not saying thats wrong or complaining about that... because yes, somedays i want to make oatmeal cookies instead of normal ones... but when you have to put Guilt free in the title... that just adds to the whole pressure of having to feel guilty after eating?

Food is important, its what we NEED. Its ok to eat cookies just like its ok to eat carrots, everything in moderation. And find YOUR moderation.

Dont EVER feel guilty after eating.


  1. you are a star, Izzy! i am glad someone is saying this stuff.
    i do hope you have a good evening

  2. I second that - you area star, this should be something which is broadcast loud and proud. I am trying to keep in mind something that my mum used to say - 'everything in moderation, including moderation! ' x

  3. Too right! That's definitely something I'm still sort of struggling with sometimes, wanting to compensate for eating more or exercising less, but it's something I'm a lot better with than I used to be. It helps that all these 'guilt-free' recipes involve way too much effort and it's easier and so much tastier to just buy and eat the bloody bakery cake! haha

    Great post!

    josievictoriaa / fashion, travel and lifestyle

  4. Seriouly, this article couldn't have come in a better time. Today I got the most amazing personalized birthday cake one could wish for, ate a big slice and then felt quite guilty/insecure about it...and it makes me sad because I really want to enjoy it without any negative thoughts after. So reading articles like this is really helpful. Also, I really enjoy reading your blog because there are so many people around me who, even though they don't have an ED, feel guilty about eating sweets, think that gluten is evil or "will start a healthy lifestyle tomorrow" finding someone who goes against the flow is quite refreshing. Please keep posting stuff like this, it's really encouraging ;)

  5. Yes to all of this! In fact, I posted on the topic just a few days ago, too:

    It's making me sad to see people feeling bad about their choices if they actually enjoyed the food.

  6. Hey izzy!!I'm glad that your feeling a little better!! I just wanted to ask your opinion on something. What do you think of veganism and that sort of lifestyle. Take freelee the banana girl from youtube for example. The whole high carb low fat diet. What do you think? Is it unhealthy to follow something like that? It sounds so amazing and energizing but then I think do our bodies need ALL food groups? What do you think?
    Thanks izzy!!

  7. Hi izzy. I have a very random question. Im recovering from an eating disorder and mum is very funny about food wastage. I like to leave a bit of food on my plate but mum says this is not normal behaviour. I cant remember what i ate like before my ED honestly. What is a normal way to deal with food you dont want? Do you always eat what you serve yourself? Do you save it for later? Ive started feeling really bad and eating it compulsively even though i dont want it :( can you give me some clarity? thanks in advance!!

    1. Try putting it in a little plastic box or a small plate to store in the fridge. Maybe you can eat it later, like a small appetizer, a part of another meal or something. Throwing away food is definitely not good for the environment.On the other hand, you only have an advantage of eating more. To gain weight you have to eat more than you are comfortable with. Try getting used to it, you don't have to finish everything on you plate if you are full --> when you are at a healthy weight and do not need to gain more :)

  8. This such a good post, right on point. And also at the moment there also the trend of using coconut sugar in baking and the labeling the recipe sugar free. That´s like the biggest hoax. Coconut sugar is still sugar. Even if it is supposed to have minerals or vitamins etc because it´s not refined. But for those minerals to be for any benefit you would have to eat like a plate full of that sugar. My point here is that if you enjoy a piece of cake like once a week, eat a real full fat real sugar piece and not some healthyfied coconut sugar `cake`that you only half enjoy. Because for your health or body there is no difference.

    Have a great sunday!

    P.S. By using the word you I don´t mean you Izzy but all people :)

  9. Maybe the term "guilt gree" is a little harsh, but for example if i really like cake for breakfast, then i know that i cant eat it every day, so i eat raw food cake.In my opinion those "guilty free" foods give us option to eat food that we like more often. In my mind those alternatives are good.

  10. When I was a teenager all we ever had in the cupboards was low fat this, sugar free that, diet something else. Me and my sister both ended up with EDs. Enough said.