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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Feeling peace in my mind after a good day


Despite it only being 4pm it feels like a very long day, though it might be the fact that I have been awake since 6am.

I started my day with a walk in the rain and almost fell over as well as almost being run over by a car which was a very nasty experience. And it wasn't fault, if was the person driving who drove far too close to me. Then when I got back ti tye apartment things didn't go so well either as I managed to spill my breakfast twice, rip a whole in my outfit, then spill food on my white top (and that was the only outfit I had with me to my boyfriends.) XD

I then had plans to study but Youtube was far more interesting so didn't get any studying done ^-^

I then made my way into the city where I met one of my readers /friends who was going to spend the day in Stockholm.  So I showed her around and we ate lunch and I helped her find the place she was going to. It was super nice and the language difference I.e swedish and norwegian wasn't too difficult even if times I had to stop and ask for a translation, haha.

It's always a little weird when I meet someone who reads my blog, even if it's fun. But I guess my blog shows one side of me and the person might have a certain image of me and then they meet me in person and I have no idea what they might think. Though as I try to be myself and show my personality on here so that I shouldn't be too different in real life :)

It was very fun and if you read this -  then know that I had a great time and you are such a lovely person :) :)

This evening it's series and food with my boyfriend and tomorrow it's study all day before going to see the new James Bond movie! :)

Today has been a good day, despite the morning being sort of chaotic. But I feel a sort of happiness inside, or at least my mind isn't filled with negativity so that's nice.  There is a type of peace in my mind... maybe it's just tiredness and a headache, but there is a quietness inside my mind!

Now I have a few things to do before I head to my boyfriends so time to go!


  1. So glad you had a happy afternoon! I hope you have a lovely evening too x

    1. Thank you :) I hope you had a lovely evening and have a lovely day today :)

  2. Could you Izzy share which blogs do you read and follow? Where do you find inspiration?
    Also what do you find inspirational?

    Thank you!

    1. I dont read so many blogs and most of them are swedish so not sure if there is any point in sharing :) And with inspiration... i dont know really, people who have reached goals which i want to reach. People who are positive and happy, who love living their lives that inspires me :) Happy peple inspire me and motivate me!

  3. I'm glad you had a lovely day Izzy! :) Have an awesome evening X

    1. Thank you :) I hope you have a lovely day and weekend :)

  4. glad use had a good day, enjoy the film tomorrow xx

  5. Tell us your opinion about the movie after you watch it, i just watched it and it would be nice to hear what you thought about it :)

    1. I will :) I havent even seen the trailer yet, so no idea what it is about, though i like James Bone films so i am excited :)

  6. You are so beautiful! Thanks for a great day.:) it was so nice meeting you!