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Friday, November 13, 2015

Eating times when working out

I was asked if i could write a post about eating times and working out, so i thought i would make a quick reply/post.

If you begin doing exercise you will most likely need to eat eat more just to maintain your weight. Because if you are maintaining your weight while eating enough and not doing exercise, then when you add in exercise it will make a minus and so to not have that minus you need to eat more just to maintain your weight. And if you still need to gain weight then you need to eat enough so as you gain weight AS WELLas the calories burned back from exercise. And when it comes to wanting to get stronger or building muscle, that also requires a PLUS of food and not just maintenance, but eating a little more so that the muscles have the energy to repair themselves and build/grow stronger.

When it comes to eating times it is best to eat something atleast 30-60 minutes before your workout - a little longer if you find that that is not enough time inbetween your meal and working out. This snack should be something with carbs and protein, such as good snacks are rice cakes with banana or oatmeal or a smoothie or some yoghurt and muslie or bread with egg. Dried fruit and some peanut butter etc etc

So even if you workout in the morning try to get something into you, even if it is just a banana, it will give you more energy rather than working out on an empty stomach. You need to remember that you cant expect your car to drive without gas, so dont expect your body to function and exercise without food/fuel.

How you eat sort of depends when you workout.... if you can it can be good to have a main meal such as breakfast and a little snack before you workout and then maybe eat lunch after you have worked out within 30-60 minutes. Or maybe you prefer to workout in the evenings then it is up to you whether you want to just have an afternoon snack, then workout and eat a late dinner. Or if you workout in the afternoons after work or school make sure to bring with you a snack.... far too many times did i forget a snack and would decide to workout anyway despite having an early lunch in school and i can say 5/10 times those workouts were not good. Of course it was still nice to workout but there was not that extra energy and "i can do one more" enjoyment, it was more "i dont think ill do that exercise because i just dont have the energy for it" and 20 minutes is just spent thinking about how hungry i was. So i make sure to not make that mistake again... working out hungry just doesnt work.

But back to the topic, if you can try to eat a main meal such as breakfast/lunch/dinner which has protein, carbs and healthy fats (and veggies if you want!) maybe 2-4 hours before you exercise and then a snack before hand if you feel you need it. For example if you eat lunch at 12 and then you workout at 2 you might not feel it necessary to eat a pre snack because you know that once you finish your workout you are going to eat a big snack and then dinner and a snack again. But if you eat lunch at 12 and then workout at 4, then it is a good idea to eat a snack before you workout so that you have energy, both mental and physical energy!!

Also, how much and when you eat also depends on what your goals are.... Of course you need to eat more than what you were doing before exercise, so it can be good to add in something extra to maybe breakfast, afternoon snack and evening snack, or just add in a morning snack and something extra before/after your workout. Rememeber also to think about, what your goals are.... if your goal is to gain weight or even to build muscle then maybe going out and running 10-20km 5-6 days a week isnt the smartest thing you can do. Maybe you should just stick to lighter workouts... just like if you dont have the energy or you cant maintain your weight while doing the exercise you do then either 1 you decrease your workouts or 2 you eat even more. You might find it fun to run long distance or do lots of cycling or rowing or swimming or any other form of exercise but if you cant eat enough to maintain your weight then you need to do something about it. And if you need to gain weight but exercise is making you lose weight, then you need to rethink what you are doing and what you can change so that doesnt happen.

I also want to point out that exercise shouldnt be done until you are close to your healthy goal weight, so a recommended BMI 18 or higher before you begin to workout, and then not going 100% but starting off slowly.

Hopefully this helps and if you want me to write meal or snack ideas then comment below and maybe i can make a post about that :)


  1. Thank you, Izzy! That is really kind of you.
    I am a healthy weight and I know I feel better in every way if I exercise, but I tend to put it off, and it's sometimes hard to tell when I am just making excuses (too bloated, too hungry, too full ... and always got something else to do first) and when I do actually need to do something different (eating or waiting after a meal ... or putting off the something else instead of the exercise). Probably mostly it is just excuses... :)
    I really hope you have a good day today. Thank you again.

  2. I hope it is not a weird question but, is it healthy to hate feeling full? I feel so bad mentally when feeling full and so i always try to eat small portions that keeps me slightly hungry. But i do eat more often, so i think i eat enough. And when feeling full my body seems to look larger? I think it is so hard to know what is normal behavior when you have history with mental illnesses.