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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dont believe everything you see online

This morning when i woke up i came across THIS article, some of you may already know about it, some may not. But it is about the social media "celeb" Essa O'Neill and how she had gotten addicted to social media and put her worth in numbers. Her happiness and self validation came from likes and followers. But she also talks about her much fakeness there is behind social media accounts. How despite a smile on her face in the picture, she felt unhappy. That the body pictures and "body goals" was due to unhealthy behaviours and not something she should be inspiring others to do. But also that people think that her body is "perfect or goals" when she uses unhealthy methods to maintain her body, that is not a good inspiration. However i am not going to write anything negative about Essa.... i didnt follow her even if i have seen some of her pictures. But i think it is a brave thing for her to do. I think it is important that people do talk about things such as this..... being addicted to social media, spending all days and hours comparing yourself to others. Staging photos to look "normal, happy and random". All those instagram accounts with perfect pictures... think of how much time is spent on them... behind each photo there is most likely 100 other similar photos, and there is all the editing and the perfect caption. I can say the same thing for myself in a way... my food photos arent just a random one picture and upload thing. But i do take a few photos, fix with the lighting etc and that doesnt just take 2 minutes.

It is also important to be aware that all those food accounts with the perfect food pictures... 1) Think of how much time it has taken them to make the food, then place it right, picture it, edit it etc and 2) Some people have it as their job to run their food accounts and if they have a blog with recipes as well.... then they spend alot of time baking and in the kitchen and then photoing etc etc and 3) There are some social media people who run food accounts who have come out and said that they didnt actually eat all the food they posted... that they would spend hours making food, picturing, making it look perfect and then not even eat the food and just eat part of it. And that makes me a little sad. Think of the food wasted and for what.... aperfect picture? Its not so perfect if the food is just fake and you spend hours making food just to get likes? How about enjoy the food instead and know that likes and followers arent a form of self validation and dont determine your worth.

But anyway, there is alot of fakeness behind social media. You should never compare yourself to anyone.... because those "Perfect body pictures".... they could be sucking in, flexing, right angles, right light, editing.... as well as maybe using unhealthy methods to attain that body image. When people have a very high follower account online and it is based on their "body" then there is an extreme pressure to look a certain way and to keep the body looking a certain way. I used to post more body pictures a few years ago, but i am so thankful i stopped with that because i realised how it was giving me bad body again... i felt myself slightly fixated on trying to get that good angle, good light and far too much time spent infront of the mirror or taking pictures... when seriously, taking those types of pictures everyday is just plain unnecessary. But i learnt from my own mistakes and have grown and know that that is not something i want to do or enjoy. Who knows maybe in a few years i will realise that i no longer want to take pretty food pictures, that it takes too much time or i just dont have the energy for it and then stopping doing that as well....

But back to the actual topic..... please dont believe everything you see online. I can be the first person to say that just because someone smiles in a photo doesnt mean they are happy..... you really have no idea about someones life, how they are feeling etc by just looking at a few photos or reading a few "happy and positive quotes". Social media is 1% and is often a certain image and portrayel of how the person wants you to see them, rather than who they actually are.

Please dont put your validation in numbers. Not in the number on the scale, not the amount of friends you have, not the amount of followers or likes you get, not your grades.... you are more than numbers and please remember this. It is so easy to get focused on numbers, think that you are just numbers and percentages, but you are so much more and you can't forget that.

I hope that this post will give you a little reminder the next time you scroll through social media. Whether its "friends" on facebook who post lots of photos of the perfect life, or its people you follow on instagram or tumblr and they all seem to be so happy and have awesome pictures and you can't help but feel jealous... instead think about the fact that you really dont know how that person is feeling or if what they are posting is true. But also, always remember that there IS an unfollow or unfriend buttton. Get rid of people or accounts who add negativity and jealousy into your life, if accounts make you feel bad about yourself then unfollow them. Just follow accounts and have friends that add positivity to your life, there is absaloutly no point following accounts, no matter how many followers they have or no matter how much you wish you looked like them, if they add negativity to your life, unfollow them.

And just a note, i recently watched a video from a blogger i follow and she said that she didnt follow any food accounts because the photos looked so good and it made her feel stressed because she could never take any good food photos. So she unfollowed those accounts and just followed people who had similar body types to her because she knew that she could never look like the 5'9 girl with super long legs or those who were very curvy, that wasnt her body type and she would just feel stressed over the fact that they looked so good but she could never look like them because of her body type. And that is a sort of good tip, though in all honesty you should realise that you will never look like anyone else and others can be inspiration but dont base your whole life around trying to look a certain way because then you will never really be happy.

This post became super long so i am going to end it here, but i felt i needed to write these things.

^^Before i wanted this... but now i know that followers and likes and "social media celebrity" doesnt equal happiness. That paid trips, spending horus taking photos and just living this social media world where you need perfect pictures, need to be perfect, look perfect, act perfect... that isnt happiness and wont ever be. Though if you find the balance between really being yourself, being happy and enjoy loading up pictures then i am sure its a happy life if you can disconnect form the follower account and likes and just post because you want to post.

P.s i can also recommend checking out Essa O'Neills new website where she tells the truth and her story and wants to inspire others now to go a week without social media.

her new site HERE

Also check out her Youtube where she talks about important stuff click HERE

P.S i know recommending her social media when she "quits social" might be silly, but its her message which is important and i think should be shared... for the right reason, as its the right message rather than the "Pefect image" but actually the truth.

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