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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Doing what makes me happy

Crossfit this evening and  by 5 I was tired. I have barely done anything today as I had some unexpected things that I had to do and delayed my schedule so by 3pm I hadn't gotten anything I had planned to do done. The library wasn't open either (strange) and it was far too dark at home so today turned into a non study day. That adds some stress to my life and not having so much social time this week as I am quite far behind with my studies.  But that doesn't bother me so much as I don't feel very much like socialising anyway.

Anyway when it was 7pm it was time to head to crossfit and once I got there I was energized and ready to go. Not to mention that we were doing presses which I love doing and we also did a 16 minute WOD which was tough but so much fun and made me realise how I really do like crossfit. I like the short and intense workouts and being pushed out of my comfort zone. But also I got a lot of appraisal, I mean that is always fun!! I think the first impression I gave was a blonde, spray tanned weak girl but then today I showed that I actually work hard.  I'm not afraid to sweat, push my limits and make weird faces. I'm not about being pretty when I workout. But also I think I surprised the coach as I had good technique and was strong. ... so i mean that's fun.  Compared to last time when I knew I was bad at squats and was reminded of the fact. But ill keep practising at the things im bad at, that's the only way to get better!

If only crossfit wasn't so expensive I would definitely get a card there but of course I don't even know how my spring looks so I can't pay for a year's training there. Now I have 5 more crossfit lessons and I am so glad that I dared step outside of my comfort zone and try it!. Hopefully I can sleep tonight, usually when I workout in the evenings I get so much energy and find it harder to sleep ^-^

I hope you have all had a lovely day and have a great rest of the week :)

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  1. Hi!
    I´m so happy for you that the workout made you feel strong and that you got admiration :) I find jerks really hard and a bit scary.
    It´s too bad that you cannot buy a membership at the moment but maybe in the near future you will be able to. Now just absorb all the tips from the coaches so that you can use them at your own workouts. I hope those last 5 classes are as good as this one.

    Have a great Wednesday Izzy!

    Best AT ;)