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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Crossfit, brunch and family time

Hello :)

It feels like forever ago since i sat down and wrote a post on my blog. Of course that isnt the case but i havent had so much to write about recently. The creativeness and inspiration as well as helpful posts havent really struck me, i havent known what to write about or even had the time to sit and write. And i guess there isnt so much point in writing if i dont have much to say. Though i do have lots to say, but havent had the time or energy to write it out. Yesterday - Saturday - was a really good day. A long day at the fitness festival but it was alot of fun and had so much to do all the time so i barely got the time to eat. It was just when i felt this irritation arising within me and i felt like i would start getting angry at the people coming up to me then i knew i had to go get something to eat and so a proteinbar and then i also got a free box of ice cream which was much needed at that point!! After such a long and fun day, when i was heading home i began to feel very low..... like there was so much fun, so much energy and suddenly nothing. Though of course it wasnt nothing, as today - Sunday, has been a long and fun day. But i just felt very very low yesterday evening, it was like i wanted the work to continue, to know i had more events such as that to look forward to.

Anyway, i dont want to get into that. Instead focus on the positive day i had today, which started with Crossfit (after breakfast and such anyway!). And the workout today was tough, maybe even tougher than normal as i have had 4 days of "rest" (does standing all day at the event really count as rest, not really. But 2 days before that were rest anyway). It was a workout with lots of deadlifts which i absaloutly love though now my legs are bruised and scraped as a result of the tough workout. But thats ok, it could have been worse :) Then when i had gotten my energy back and left the crossfit box i bought the ingredients for my cake, headed home, changed and then my boyfriend joined us (I.e my family) before we drove to a brunch place. I have never been at that place before and i dont know what i thought... i didnt like the fact that we sat upstairs and had to squeeze past lots of people to get to the stairs and then up and down the stairs. But also it was hard to actually get to the food and there were so many queues all the time, so the brunch place wasnt the best, but the food was pretty good. My stomach was in knots so wasnt able to enjoy the food as much as i would have wished for, but what i did eat tasted really good!!

(Such bad lighting so hard to get a good picture)

After that we headed home and i got to open a few presents from my family and boyfriend. Mostly make up and perfume which i had asked for (as i dont buy those things for myself), and also the crossfit course is a present from my parents and then also a really fluffy teddybear (Appa from avatar! My boyfriend and I have been watching the series and i thought Appa was really cute and said i wanted one, and i got one... in a teddybear form :) ). After that it was cake baking time which took roughly2 hours or so... My boyfriend sat and watched me while i baked and i think he was a little worried at times, hahha.

The result of the cake, not the prettiest unfortunatly but it tasted good anyway!!! Pictures and such are coming tommorrow, as that is my actual birthday so i am going to post all of that tomorrow :)

^^How i actually look/Behind the scenes

I wanted to take a selfie but he joined in and i thought this was a really cute pictures of us :) haha

And the the evening was spent just cuddling with my boyfriend which was very much needed. We havent seen each other in a week or so because i have been busy with studies/working and also the medication has just made me not want to see anyone or to leave my house. And i dont know, for some reason it has just felt weird. I have felt distant and just been to tired to keep up communication and so things just felt weird, but it was nice to see him again and know that there wasnt anything weird. Sometimes the mind plays tricks and fools you into thinking things, I for one should know that by now. That i shouldnt believe every thought or feeling i have, even if at times it is good to do this.

Anyway, before this post gets far too long i will end it here and say that today was a lovely day and a much needed day with my family and boyfriend. And tomorrow is a new week and my birthday! And hopefully i will be back to regular blogging, unless nobody actually cares that i dont blog XD