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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Crossfit and 4 packages

Hello :)

What a long long day... Though i say that about most days recently, hahah. But it has been a day of study and exercise. I spent quite a few hours at the library and didnt come home until after 5pm and then had roughly 90 minutes until i had to leave for crossfit. So what did i think? It was just talking about what is crossfit and what we will do and then we got to do push up, sit ups,  burpees and handstands. Though I didn't dare do handstands,  haha.... but there were only a few who did actually do it or dare to do it. So I wasn't alone anyway. I need to overcome that fear of throw myself against the wall XD

Also before i came home i went to pick up 3 packages, though turned out i had 4 to pick up and they werent so small either. So with two big bags and then suddenly 4 big packages i had no idea how to get it all home at once. And the man at the postoffice just said "good luck" and a smile when i shuffled and tried to make it work. And then i realised i could buy a plasti bag which simplified things a little so that i didnt have to try to stack 3 packges ontop of each other and carry them in one hand and have two bags on my shoulder and carry the 4th package in that hand XD I made it home though!!

2 packages were food swap packages!! I filmed a video where I tried some of the food :) it became a little long, hahaha!! But that should be up tomorrow or Thursday. 

And then I also got fibersyrup so I can make home made questbars and also proteinbolaget new pear bcaa :)

I also think it is important for me to mention that when i get packages from businesses and write about it, it is because i like the products. They are not paying me to write about the products, even if i get them for free. But also there is no agreement that I need to post about them on my blog.  I use them and that is why i write about them. Products such as True BCAA, Protein bolaget casein and BCAA aswell as Wake up one energy and nutrinick products, i love those products and use them often. But then of course i post pictures of chocolate, ben and jerrys, clothes etc and none of that is sponsored or anything. So when i write about products it is because i like them :)

And finally.... tomorrow morning it is my test XD i dont want to. i dont want to. i dont want to.  But once it's done then I am going to lunch at my favourite place with my mum and then I just want to spend the evening at home!!!  It feels like I have barely spent any time at home recently so that will be nice :( and also... no studying!! Woop woop!


  1. you have wonderful spirit.
    good luck tomorrow, Izzy! and enjoy the well-earned peace and rest afterward

  2. ah hun i had a fear of doing handstands too, it helps to do it up against a wall or mirror, once you're up thou its so much fun and you don't want to come down. i do however prefer headstands i just feel more grounded having my head on the floor. i sometimes go into a handstand from a headstand (pushing self up) so thats another option but i still don't have the strength i want to be able to do it properly. good luck with ur test hun - you'll smash it and enjoy ur eve maybe series and snacks or just a bit of zen (no maths whoop!)

    1. Thank you :) I thin i am going to practise walking up the wall (backwards), just so i know how it feels to stand on my hands and then take it from there. I can do headstands without the wall but i just feel so unsafe when trying to stand on my hands, im so worried that i am going to end up hurting my neck or something.

  3. Hope u have a great day and the best of luck with your test!:D Xx

  4. Good luck with your test Izzy and enjoy yourself afterwards - after all the studying you have put in you deserve a reward so make sure you treat yourself to something nice!
    thinking of you with fingers crossed :)
    what happens after the test? is the course a stepping stone to something else?

    1. Thank you :) Well i needed to study this maths course to get into the nutrition university course but i also need to study 6 other subjects and i realised that i would prefer to study the dietician program rather than the nutritionist program. So i dont actually need this maths course to get into university, but i felt that as i had gotten in and i needed some type of structure in my day that i might as well study it. So i dont really know what will happen if i fail the course, as it wont matter to my grades or university, so its not a huge deal if i dont pass, but of course i want to pass :)