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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Consequences of eating disorders

I was asked via email what are the consequences of eating disorders. I have had many emails where people have told me that they have ended up with long term consequences due to their eating disorders, everything from osteoperosis to hearing problems to eye sight problems, damaged muscles or ligaments and even bowel problems and incontinence problems. Though there are SO MANY consequences which you might not realise now or might not even care about now. While i was sick i thought, i didnt have a future anyway, so it didnt matter. Well here i am with my future and dealing with knee, hip and lower back problems from my eating disorder (i.e too much exercise and standing in weird posititions as i never wanted to sit down), constant heartburn where medication doesnt work so well because of my years of purging as well as self harm scars. Of course, i dont have it that bad my teeth could have been eroded due to all the purging, i could have seriously damaged ligaments or muscles due to over exertion or even have osteoperosis.

Below are some consequences which you might want to think about:

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  1. I`ve printed this out and stuck a copy on my fridge door. everytime I`m tempted to stray from my meal plan I`ll see this and remember the consequences.......
    thankyou for posting this

  2. The more I read this the more disturbing it seems. What a wake up call. And to think we have been doing all this potential damage to our bodies maybe for years. I for one had no idea of all the physical and mental effects and this has certainly made more sense where my own physical symptoms are concerned. It makes me feel as though I want to wrap my body in cotton wool and never again let any harm come to it. I only hope that my symptoms go as my body recovers and that I`m left with no long term effects, then I would be lucky indeed.
    what makes me angry though that I presented a few symptoms (very low blood pressure, stomach problems) to my doctor over the years and although the stomach problems were at last investigated - scans, tests etc and nothing found - not once was it suggested that my weight could have been a factor. Each symptom was treated as a stand alone ailment, never a connection. All that time wasted when I could and should have got help for my weight. But never mind - its the here and now that counts.....
    I wish you all a safe and successful recovery. After what our bodies have been exposed to they deserve it.

    1. <3 <3 if you try to make the change now then there might be less long term effects. Though yiu never know what consequences you might face but that can be motivation to keep going and to take care of your body from now on. When it comes to underweight, just like overweight there can be many consequences and one thing can lead to another. Stay strong and keep fighting. Treat yiur body like you would treat a child, take care of it. Feed it and give it rest and love.