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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bloating - masterpost

Many people panic about bloating. It stops them from doing what they want to do or wearing what they want to wear. Granted when you are bloated it really isn't so tempting to go around in tight clothes, but know that bloating often feels worse to yourself as you are looking down = you can barely see your feet sometimes. But also bloating happens to everyone, and can happen for many different reason. Whether its because you ate or drank, or you consumed too much salt, you are stressed or its due to hormones or that time of the month for girls... so many reasons why you could be bloated. And if you are bloated and have lots of cramps and/or gases it could be due to fod you have eaten and intolerances or allergies, so it can be good to be aware of those things in combination. But in general, bloating is normal.... and below you see how i pretty much always looked in recovery, i.e a very bloated belly. And also some photos of me now with a bloated belly... to show you that it is normal, and even if all you see online is flat stomachs and ripped abs, people dont always look that way.

Below are a bunch of helpful links about bloating and weight gain which i hope might help you!

^(The photos are roughly 6 months into treatment i think... a little more maybe, i cant remember) Now when i see the photos the bloating isnt as bad as i thought it was... but for me... i couldnt even see my toes when i looked down. And there was no sucing it in either, my stomach was just always sticking out because of the amounts of food i had to eat, but also because i would eat lots while at Mando and then eat nothing at home and so my body just didnt know what was happening and i kept going up and down in weight which shocked my body even more. Which is why i think it took me such along time for the bloating to lessen.

And below... bloating happens  at all sizes and weights ;)

My tips.. put on loose clothes when you bloat. (and p.s the picture on the right isnt the worst... i just dont photo when i am super bloated ;) )

I know the bloating posts are pretty much the same.. but that is because they are reminders. Many panic about bloating, but really its just something that happens and something you need to accept.

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