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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Answer - social media, body promotion and products

I mean this in as constructive way as I can and not to attack you. I repeat! Not attacking you, just questioning a thought. Don't you think promoting things like spray tans and BCAAs are very much similar to what that australian social media model was doing and getting paid for wearing their clothes sent as freebies to her but recently she quit all of that and exposed social media's emphasis on the perfect body and completely deleted her social media accounts (you published a post on her not too long ago.) Because True Transparency is essentially body focused. It promotes a "better" body for building muscle which it's product aids. The spray tan also puts emphasis on body promotion. How is that any different than what that girl was doing before she realized that none of that matters? Because the way you're posing and advertising a spray tan shows that you very much do think these things matter and are worth showing to the world and it's so very much body orientated. What if your blog didn't just focus on looking good and feeling good and promoting eating disorder recovery? What if you started exploring alternative wonderful things in this world that matters?

I'm answering your comment in a post because I think it's a really good point and maybe others have similar thoughts.  Like ive written before i accept constructive criticism and your feedback,  whether it's positive or negative. You're allowed to disagree with me and have different opinions. It's just when someone writes "you are wrong. You are the worst person. I hate you and hate your blog" (I have comments similar to this XD then it's hard to take it in a constructive way!)

But like I wrote yesterday (wrote the post before I had seen your comment) the companies I have sponsorships with or accept to get products from them. They are products I use and would write about or photo anyway.  I mean it's not like I get free chocolate or Ben and jerrys but that won't stop me from writing about them and posting about them.  So when it comes to true transparency, proteinbolaget and nutrinick.  I love those products and I actually don't have to write about them on my blog or show pictures. All the sponsorships come from my instagram and it's there I agree to post pictures.  What I post on my blog is because I want to post it. I've had 2 posts throughout my 5 years which have been "business" posts. But otherwise the products shown are because I want to.

When it comes to the spraytan, I was asked if I wanted to be a spraytan model, most likely because the way I look. The agreement was that I post a photo on instagram where I show my tan and tag the company that did the spraytan. And I thought that is ok because i have never done a spraytan before but even if I did pay for it I would have done the same thing. .. tagged the company, put pictures on my blog. I would have done that anyway.

I want to make it clear that the social media I use is because I ENJOY it. There is very little products received and I don't use social media to try to sell stuff or to get stuff. (If this is the only reason someone wants a big blog or Instagram, then i think you'll end up feeling stressed with social media) I use social media to help people. Which is what my blog is about. It is about helping people recover, it is aimed at recovery and help and then a bit about my own life. But this is not a lifestyle blog and so with "exploring other things" I guess I could write about other things but there is so much in my life to write about. And I choose to not write all my thoughts or write about environment or human rights etc

I think if someone uses social media and they end up having a social media identitiy where everything has to be perfect. The body pictures have to be perfect and they spend hours on photos and editing and they are constantly doing secret advertisment, THEN i think social media will affect you more negatively. It wont be an enjoyment, you will just want more and more followers and likes. You want your statistics to go up all the time and put your worth in your views, likes and followers and you just want free stuff all the time. But for me, i know i do something good with my social media. I know that help others but also i enjoy blogging and other social media, it does not stress me. I have removed accounts which stress me or would make me feel bad, because i dont need that in my life. I dont need to follow people who evoke negativity inside of me. But also i try to show my personality and be as honest as i can on here. Of course it is only a part of me shown online, but i want my personality and who i am to shine through anyway. I dont want to pretend i have a perfect life or a perfect body, because i dont. But i have a life and i have a body and those things are good enough.

When i write about products or show pictures it is also important to know that i write about them because i have USED them. Not because i am trying to sell them or want you to run out and do a spray tan or run out and buy 5 packs of BCAA. My main focus is promoting health, recovery and happiness and that is essentially what this blog is about. Helping others and at times, helping myself. This isnt a lifestyle blog so i dont write about everything i do or everything i think, but just things that are srt of within the theme of what i blog about :)

I want to be honest on my blog and you can ALWAYS comment and ask me about something or if you have feedback. You can always comment and say if you don't want me to post about certain things or more about others.  Just let me know, because if I don't know what you want to see or don't see then I cant change anything.


  1. Well I don`t have a problem with any of the above post. I think its really nice that you got to model for a spray tan.
    I don`t think you promote things either - the drinks you photo are what you drink and the protein bars you eat are what you like, I don`t see any harm in it. I don`t feel as though I have to rush out and get any of the above myself.
    No, I find your blog interesting and helpful and have never even thought about social media and all that stuff.
    That's my thoughts! Love seeing your photos of yourself, the food you eat, your favourite foods etc. Please don`t change :)

    1. I agree with this comment 100%
      Izzy I'm sorry that you sometimes have to defend yourself for posting pictures of yourself, or of products - not that I'm referring to the original comment that sparked this post, just that some people in general can sometimes be mean about it to you :)

  2. fun questions: what is the most life-changing event that ever happened to you? a) for bad, b) for good? And/or the most life-changing thing anyone ever said to you, a) for bad, b) for good? Or is it difficult, or unhelpful, to think in those terms?
    only curious! :) please, you don't have to answer! love the posts, have fun, take care...

    1. Ive answered your questions in a post coming up this evening :) Thank you for asking the questions!

  3. It doesn't matter whether or not you enjoy it, it depends on the meaning attached to it. Whether you postit onablog or instagragram, it makes no difference, you're promoting products that are bodily orientated and will influence people who sees it in that way. You're promoting things (whether that is your intention or not) that says you need them in order to look better. You also say you love weight training and so what if weight lifting changes your body. But the fact that you take in so many protein supplements says you do it in order to change your body and gain muscle and not just because you love lifting weights. It's just like deep down you really do care a lot more about the way your body looks than what you make it out to be.

  4. At the end of the day even if that is true that is Izzy`s choice - the same as if someone rushes out to buy that product - that is their choice also. A person also has a choice whether to let themselves be influenced or not, and what is more act on that.
    Live and let live is what I say