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Monday, November 2, 2015

Another week and another day of school

I am not ready for another school day today.... This is basically my only thought this morning. I dont want to....  so much maths at once. Though i really didnt do much studying yesterday, i was far too cold and had different things on my mind which made it hard to concentrate. So not much learning was done, which then makes it difficult to start learning a bunch of new things when you are already "Behind" or trying to learn the old things. Though i am pretty sure i am not the only one feeling this way so I amn't so panicked. And today i am going to sit in a library a few hours afterwards and catch up on everything. Going to do the work straight away as it is easier that way because i know once i get home i will just want to lie down and not do anything... so better to keep myself in the "productive zone".

Otherwise I have so many cravings for different foods right now and i have no idea why..... But craving sweet potatoe fries and guacamole like crazy and also sushi. I am also craving a salmon salad, green smoothie and raw food treats.

Usually cravings are a sign of something such as your body needs more of a certain food group or there is a certain vitamin or mineral in the foods you are craving. And then other times its just craving foods because they are so delicious, but it feels more like a "my body needs something/is missing something" type of craving.

Now my thoughts wandered and i need to end the post here as its time for school... and i am not at all ready. I hope you all have a great day :)


  1. Oh I totalny get it! Hopefully we have a free day from uni today in Poland! (Sorry not sorry Haha)
    And the carvings are important! I mean listening to them :)
    Hope you'll feel fab today and productivity will come easily!
    Sending warm hugs xxx

  2. hope you have a good day and definitely reward yourself with some of your cravings after all that studying! I really admire you studying maths - that was the one subject I could never "get" (and still can`t) so hats off to you :)
    best wishes (and be sure to let us know how it all went)